Picture of the Universal Remote PHAZR-5, UR5U-9000L-AB 5-device remote control, front view.

PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB Remote Control Review

For over a year, we used the PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote to work our  Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR. It works very well. This device is a hefty-sized unit.  It uses two AA batteries, and has good-sized back lit keys. Plus, it can control up to five devices in a home system.

Picture of the Universal PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote 5-device control, front view.
Universal PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote 5-device control, front view.

Features, Benefits, Pros, and Advantages of the PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB Universal Remote

Supports Broad Range of Home Entertainment Devices

The PHAZR-5 UR5U-9000L-AB can control the following.

  • DVRs.
  • DVD players.
  • Audio amplifiers.
  • Tuners.
  • AV receivers.
  • Thousands of TVs, including HD and ultra HD.
  • Many cable boxes.

We even used it to control a Tivo Mini set-top box (via the AUX device option).  We also accessed most of the Tivo Roamio DVR functions too.

Controls up to Five Devices

You can select from among the AUX, DVD, AUD, TV, and CBL device operation modes.

Good Size for Hand

Fits well.  They’ve reduced the size of this PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote, down from that of the previous model; the  CLIKR-5 UR5U-8700L-AB Universal Remote Control,  a definite improvement, as this control weighs less also, and so, less fatiguing on the wrist when operating for hours on end, as we do sometimes.

Long Range IR Transmitter

The infrared signal that the UR5U-9000L-AB emits is strong.  E.g. We’ve successfully operated the Tivo Mini from fifteen feet afar. This remote is perhaps the strongest we’ve ever tested.  This is likely due to the two LED infrared lamps and the lack of an IR filter over them.  We can control devices two rooms away either via direct line-of-sight, or via reflection off of walls.  Great range thus, both direct and reflected.

The PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB Remote Has Easy to Read Keys

The number keys are not difficult to read (bold semi-white print on a black background). The keys are best seen when the bright red backlight is activated.

Bright Red LED Key Panel Lights

This PHAZR-5 has a red-colored back lit key panel and all keys glow with approximately the same brightness. But though the center of the keyboard lights  brighter, the outer edge keys are still quite bright. So all keys are quite easy to read in the dark.

Decently Long Battery Life

The two AA batteries last about nine months with heavy use. Most any battery brand works well. But rechargeable cells may not last quite as long as the alkaline and lithium cells. Plus, performance may be poor with rechargeable cells, even with full charge.  So, given how long a fresh set of alkaline batteries last in this remote, we advise against rechargeable cells.

Well-Fitting, Tight Battery Door

The battery access door never comes off by mistake, though we’ve pushed this remote off the table many times.  This door snaps into place with strong force, and the door catch holds it closed; perhaps too tightly in fact, for some weak-fingered viewers wishing to replace the cells.

Solid Build

Indeed, our PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote has withstood lots of drops without developing any defects.  Universal Remote has textured the case so as to downplay the appearance of scratches.

The PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB Remote Offers a Device Code Search Feature

You do not always need the device codes to program the PHAZR-5.  Why not?  Because this remote has a code search feature. E.g. It emits its complete library of device codes.  You stop on the code that works your device.  The built-in device library has most of today’s popular brands.  But you can still manually look up your device codes in the users manual if you wish.

Embossed Programming Instructions  

The basic setup directions appear on the outside of the battery compartment door, as pictured below.  To find the code for a device on the PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote, do as follows.

  • Turn that device on with its built-in power button, or the power key on its original remote control.
  • Then, press the device button you’d like to link with your device, along with the OK/SEL button.
  • Hold these both down until the device button you’re holding lights up.
  • Then, press and hold the CH UP button while pointing this remote at your device, until your device shuts off.  When it does, immediately release the CH UP button.
  • Finally, press and release the solidly glowing device button on this remote.  The button will blink twice, and then go dark.  The PHAZR-5 has now been programmed to control your device.  When you want to work that device, subsequently, simply press and release the device button you just programmed.

All-ON and All-OFF Feature

The PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote offers the System ON / OFF key. That allows you to press one button to turn on all devices in your system. This differs from the Philips SRU4208WM/17. That remote makes you press the device button for each device. Then you press the power button for each device.  But again, you can switch all devices on the PHAZR-5 with just one key press. You can program the chain of on/off commands sent by the power button as well. You may not wish the universal remote to actuate all devices in range. So, omit some devices from the list if you wish.

Volume Punch Through Feature

Choose one of the five device options on this remote to control with it.  Then all button presses after that send commands to that device.  But this remote allows you to set the volume control to send commands to a different device.  This is handy to control a DVD player, yet have the volume control on this remote control your TV volume.  Find the steps for setting up volume punch through in the users guide.  See link below.

Low Battery Warning on this PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB Remote

When batteries run low, the device lamps on the PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote blink twice. They flash one after the other to let you know.  But the remote still works for quite some time with low cells.  With weak batteries, all you give up is some range.  So you may have to move closer to work your devices.

Black Plastic Finish

The black finish makes this remote control look quite classy.  Plus, the case itself is thick enough to resist most drop damage.

Easy to Work Buttons

They improved the button shape here promotes faster pressing with fewer mistakes, although many buttons adorn the keyboard.  So some of them are quite small, and may be difficult to find and press for some larger fingered users.

Widely Used by Cable TV Providers

The PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote is quite common around here, as our cable company, Atlantic Broadband.  Ours hasn’t yet failed, and we’ve had it for two years.

Picture of the Universal PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote, back view, showing the quick programming instructions on the battery compartment door.
Universal PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote, back view, showing the quick programming instructions on the battery compartment door.

Disadvantages, Cons, Limitations, and Problems with the PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB Remote Control

Some Keys Too Small for Error Free Pressing

The device and video control keys (forward, play, back, record, pause, and stop) could be just a bit larger. They’re only slightly larger my pinky fingernail. This makes for lots of wrong-button presses. This is one reason that some buttons on ours stopped working so quickly. Bigger buttons all around would be better.

No Command Learning

The PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote cannot learn button commands from other remotes. This would be a great feature though, should any of the pre programmed keys stop working. You could then program a new key to use instead if this feature had been included.

Light Up Time  on the PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB Remote is Too Short

The back light should stay ON longer when you press the light-up button (bottom row, center). As it is, it only glows for roughly ten seconds. It’d be better if you could set the light ON time.  Or at least have it stay ON for thirty seconds. This would work well, since you can turn it off before this time ends. Turn the light off by pressing the Light button a second time.

Easy to Lose

This remote control frequently slips off my knee, falling to the floor while watching The Young and the Restless.

Our Rating for the PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB Remote

The PHAZR-5 UR5U9000LAB remote was quite adequate for our HD TV and DVR needs. So, should this copy ever fail, we would get another. A good size for a universal remote, it achieves a solid balance between size and function. This remote is perhaps the best one we’ve looked at.  So we’d rate it at 98 out of 100.

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