How to Program Evolution Digital Remote

The local cable company distributes the Evolution HD adapter set top boxes throughout the area, and as such, we get gobs of questions and requests for help with setting up and troubleshooting the accompanying remote control.  Often one or more functions on the remote fail to work on the television.  Sometimes, the power button works while the volume controls do not.  Or, the mute button works while the volume controls do not.  Or, none of the buttons on the remote work at all, even with fresh batteries, and even though when pressed, the LED lamp on the remote lights bright red.  In this post, we show how to program Evolution Digital set top box remote.  Afterwards, you can control all of your television’s features from your easy chair with this handy universal remote.

In every case so far, the solution is to reprogram the remote, using the correct television brand code.  Note however, that some brands have more than one code for this particular remote.  But not all of them enable proper operation of all the remote functions.  So, when you enter a new code, be sure to test all remote functions on the target TV for proper operation.  If none or only some of them work, then try one of the other codes.  Proceed in this way until you find the code that yields all functions operational (volume, mute, power, TV input, et al).

Next, we provide the procedure we’ve used to correct these sorts of remote function outages.

How to Program Evolution Digital Set Top Box Remote: Picture of your typical Sharp Aquos Smart HD TV.
How to Program Evolution Digital Set Top Box Remote: Your typical Sharp Aquos Smart HD TV.

How to Program Evolution Digital Set Top Box Remote to Your TV

1. Locate the Code(s) for the Brand of TV you Have in the List Below. 

As mentioned above, there may be more than one five-digit code for your brand.  If so, then you’ll have to repeat steps 2 through 10 next for each code, until you find the code that allows the Evolution Digital remote to correctly work all of the functions you need on your TV.

2. Put the Remote into Setup Mode

Depress and hold in the Setup button (lower left corner of the remote’s keypad), until the light at the top of the remote turns green.  Note that at first, it glows red, and turns green after holding Setup in for several seconds.

3. Enter the Code you’re Testing on the Keypad

Upon entry of the last digit, the green light blinks several times and goes out, indicating that the remote has accepted the code you punched in.

4. Then, Test the Buttons you Need to Work on the TV  

These probably include the TV Power, Volume, Mute, TV Input Selection, et al.  If all of them work the corresponding function on the TV correctly, then you’re done.  Your remote has now been correctly programmed to your television.

5. If All Buttons Do Not Work, Try Next Code in List

Jump back up to step two, and try another code from the list, for your brand of television. Repeat steps two through five until either you find the code that enables all desired keys on the remote to work your TV correctly, or you run out of codes for your brand to try.

How to Program Evolution Digital Set Top Box Remote when None of the Codes You Tried Works

If you exhaust the list of available codes for your TV brand from the list below without finding one that works completely, then you can possibly find the right one by running through all of the stored codes in the remote, until you find one that works all the desired functions on your television.  Do this as follows.

1. Turn your Television On

Do this with either the power button on the television itself, or the one on the remote that came with that TV.

2. Then, Place the Remote into Setup Mode

On the Evolution Digital remote, press and hold in the Setup button.  The light on the remote will glow red for a few seconds, and then turn green.  Release the Setup button when it turns green.

3. Press the ‘A’ Key

4. Press Channel-UP Until TV Turns Off

Point the Evolution Digital remote at your television and repeatedly press the Channel-UP button until the television turns off.  Don’t press this button too quickly, lest you go past the code you need.  Once the TV turns off after a Channel-UP press, press the Setup button again.  The light on the remote will blink green two times, indicating that the code has been stored successfully.

If you were not able to find the correct code using either of the procedures above, then you won’t be able to use the Evolution Digital set top box remote to control your TV fully.  In this case, we recommend either keeping the television’s original remote control handy to use when you need to access those functions that the Evolution Digital remote does not actuate.  Or, you can pick up a different universal remote control; one that can control both the set top box and your TV.  Good luck!

See our Evolution Digital Cable Box Remote Codes  post, for the list of universal remote control programming codes for this Evolution Digital remote.

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