Screenshot of the iPhone Bluetooth Settings page, showing a Sony SRS X11 speaker as Discovered.

How to Put Sony X11 in Pairing Mode

To pair your SRS X11 Sony speaker with a Bluetooth source device for the first time, or to refresh old connection info in that device, you have to know how to start up pairing mode on the speaker.  Furthermore, in this mode, the speaker broadcasts its name and currently valid connection information over the Bluetooth airwaves, which allows you to connect to it and stream your music or other audio to it.  So in this post, we show you how to put the Sony X11 into pairing mode, to let you to link it with phones, tablets, computers, and smart speakers.

How to Put Sony X11 Speaker into Pairing Mode

1. Turn On the Speaker

Turn on the speaker by rapidly pressing its  Power-Pairing  button.

E.g. See this button, that we point out with the green arrow, in the next picture.

The Sony X11 -Power- button.

The speaker then comes on.

The glowing -Status- light.
The -Status- lamp glowing.

2. Press and Hold the Power-Pairing Button for Two or Three Seconds

Place the speaker into pairing mode by pressing and holding the Power-Pairing button, as pointed out in the first picture above.

When you press this Pairing button, the speaker plays a ding-dong beep sound. Plus, the status lamp begins rapidly flashing white.

3. Done with How to Put Sony X11 Speaker in Pairing Mode

While the Status lamp is blinking, you should be able to see the X11 on any in-range phone, computer, tablet, or smart speaker, that is within several feet of it, as shown next.

Screenshot of the iPadOS -Bluetooth Settings- page, showing the Sony X11 as -Discovered- but not -Connected-.
iPadOS -Bluetooth Settings- page, showing the Sony X11 as -Discovered- but not -Connected-.

Note in the last picture, that the speaker appears as “SRS-X11”.  So at this point, you could connect to the X11 if you wish.

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