Removing McAfee Security Center from Windows 7 PC

Our subscription expired for the  McAfee Security Center  internet security antivirus software.  So we wanted to delete it off of our Windows 7 computer.  Why?  Because of the many pop ups about time left on our subscription. The $49.99 renewal price, Plus, the many deals they offered to renew.  Well, in a few weeks, we had enough.  So, we deleted McAffe from our Dell XPS 8300 Windows 7 Professional PC.  So in this piece, we detail removing McAfee Security Center instructions we followed, with success.

This software came pre-installed.  So we worried over how hard removing McAfee Security Center would be.  We got cold feet due to a similar but hard experience years earlier, deleting Norton Internet Security.  In that case, during the reboot after the uninstall, the computer choked.  It hit into a corrupted boot sector which made restoration impossible. Not even with the help of a Norton technical support engineer did we get that machine running again.  So, we lost all data on that hard drive. But  fortunately though, we had backups.

However, the removing McAfee Security Center experience was much less painful than deleting Norton was.  Went as smoothly as removing any other well-behaved Windows program would go.  We encountered no unexpected issues; no issues of any kind.

Removing McAfee Security Center Software Procedure

The procedure that worked well, to delete McAfee Security Center software follows:

1. Make a Windows System Restore Point

Imperative that you create a Windows system restore point.  That way, you’ll likely be able to revert your computer to the state it’s in prior to removing McAffe.

2. Then, Open the  Add / Remove   Programs program

3. Find the McAfee Security Center Program

Scroll down until you see the McAfee Security Center program.

4. Left-Click the McAfee

A McAfee Security Center window then appears. It invites you to renew your subscription. Then it gives you the option to remove the antivirus program entirely.

5. Just Press the  Remove  Button

Find  Remove   button at the bottom of this window.

After nearly a minute if all goes well, your computer prompts you to restart it.

6. Press the  Restart Button

The PC then restarts.

7. Uninstall Any Other McAfee Programs

After you get your desktop back, go back into the  Add / Remove Programs window.  There, remove any other programs that begin with the word McAffe.  We only found one on our  XPS 8300, and that was  McAfee Virtual Technician.  Removing this one did not prompt for a computer restart.

8. Finished!

The Dell still works great after the McAffe Security Center deletion.  In fact, we witched to Avast antivirus.  Why?   Because we had good experience with Avast.  Specifically, we used the free version before the free McAffe subscription came bundled with our Dell.  Did this nearly a decade ago.  Since then, no remnants of McAfee ever interfered with Avast.  So, the technique above works well.

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