Picture of the Amazon Alexa Echo Gen 1 smart speaker with its AC power adapter plugged in.

Restart Amazon Echo Instructions, How to Restart Amazon Echo Speaker

Use these restart Amazon Echo instructions to help correct some unusual symptoms that your Amazon Echo First Gen smart speaker tower may exhibit.

Restarting Differs from Resetting

Also not that RESTARTING the Amazon Echo is different from RESETTING it back to factory default state.  By restarting, we mean just rebooting the Amazon Echo Gen 1.

But resetting does much more than simply restarting.  Specifically, resetting erases any stored settings and data in the Generation One Amazon Echo, and requires more work afterwards to get the speaker back up and running once again.  So, do avoid confusing the two words, especially if you don’t have the Amazon account or WiFi network information that the Amazon Echo currently links with.  If you accidentally reset without these parameters, your life may get complicated as you try to get your speaker back online.

No Power Button to Restart Amazon Echo Speaker With

Since none of the Amazon Echo tower speakers to date has a power on / off button, you restart these smart speakers by unplugging them for a short time.  That is, disconnect them from AC power for ten seconds or so.  Then, connect them up again.  Once the Echo finishes starting up, and the light ring goes dark, then successful restart is done.

Picture of the Amazon Alexa Echo Gen 1 smart speaker, front view.
Amazon Alexa Echo Gen 1 smart speaker, front view.

No Restart or Reboot Button on Amazon Echo 1st Generation Speakers

Note that the original Amazon Echo tower speaker has no physical reboot button.  Nor can you remotely restart it via the Alexa app.   So currently, the only way to restart this Echo is to power cycle it.  That is, power it down for several seconds, then power it back up again.

Picture of the light ring changing amount of brightness as the volume ring is rotated on the Amazon Alexa Echo Gen 1 smart speaker.
Amazon Alexa Echo Gen 1 smart speaker, rotating volume ring, causing light ring to increase or decrease illumination.

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