Picture of the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3 top view, showing all its buttons.

Restart Echo Dot Instructions

We offer these restart Echo Dot instructions to help correct some unusual symptoms that your Amazon Dot smart speakers may show.

No Power Button to Restart Echo Dot With

Since none of the Dots to date has a power on / off button, you restart these units by unplugging them momentarily.  Unplug them from AC power for ten seconds or so.  Then, connect them up again.  Once the speaker finishes booting, and the light ring goes dark, then successful Echo Dot restart is complete.

Picture of the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation smart speaker, top view.
Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation smart speaker top view.

No Restart or Reboot Button on Echo Dots

Note that the unit has no physical restart / reboot button.  Nor can you remotely restart it via the Alexa app.

So currently, the only way to restart Echo Dot is to power cycle it.  That is, power it down for some seconds, then power it up again.

Picture of the Echo Dot 3rd Gen speaker box, front view.
The Echo Dot 3rd Gen speaker box, front view.

Restart is Different from Resetting

Also not that RESTARTING the Echo Dot is not the same as RESETTING it.  By restarting here, we mean simply rebooting the Echo Dot.  But resetting does much more than just restarting.  Resetting erases any stored settings and data in the Echo Dot, and involves more work afterwards to get the Echo Dot up and running once again.  So, please do not confuse the two terms, especially if you don’t have the Amazon account or WiFi network information that the Dot currently uses.

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