No Slam Toilet Seat Mayfair Wooden 1B5109408 Review

Purchased the Mayfair elongated wooden no slam toilet seat, #1B5109408, by Bemis Manufacturing Company, to quiet down an at-times noisy bathroom.

Well, in short, it worked very well!  No more loud banging as folks with other things on their minds besides keeping the din down, just let the commode seat fall.  Boom!  Quite the startling sound when concentrating on writing blog posts, to be sure.  But booms, no more.  This bathroom accessory has promoted a more creative and less aggravated writers life.

Picture of a Brand New Mayfair No Slam Commode Seat.
Brand New Mayfair No Slam Commode Seat.

Pros, Benefits, Advantages, and Features

Fits bowls 18.5 inches long, as measured from hinge bolt holes in the back up to the front most edge of the toilet bowl.

Slightly larger than the standard size for elongated bowls, and so, it overlaps the bowl’s outer edge by roughly a quarter to half an inch, so you need not touch the bowl itself in order to lift up this cover.  So, you can keep your hands cleaner while operating this.

Though this accessory features damped hinges, raising it requires an insignificant amount of additional effort, as compared to a free-falling commode seat. It raises quickly, but falls slowly.

15 seconds from when you nudge it forward until the lid reaches the seat and bowl rim; like a drawbridge going down.

No squeaks or rough movement in this no slam toilet seat.  Virtually silent action all the way through from fully open, to fully closed.  It’s, “whisper quiet.”

No more pinching the fingers between this seat and the bowl.  Wooden toilet seats with non damped hinges can fall very fast and hard, and bruise unsuspecting childhood hands.  But not this child friendly model, which floats down as softly as a feather. Much safer for children.

Shiny, high-gloss smooth white finish resists fading, cleans up easily; soils seem not stick to or stain it.  Also resists scratches and chipping.

For a thorough cleanup, this slam free toilet seat can easily be removed for soaking and washing throughout, in the bathtub or shower.

Included, easy to follow installation instructions.

Nylon bolts and nuts secure the seat to the commode.  These do not rust or corrode, and tend to sweat less in humid bathrooms.  Plus, they are far less likely to damage the finish on toilet bowls while installing or removing.  Have never experienced the nuts being “frozen” in place.  Even if that was to happen, these bolts can be easily cut and replaced.

Features what Mayfair calls the STA-TITE seat fastening system, which helps safeguard against over tightening the nylon bolts.  Also, the nuts do not loosen under normal usage conditions. They’ll remain tight once installed, for years, or until you remove them.

Made in the USA, of heavy, recycled wood (SmartWood) and other “earth friendly” ingredients; gives the well-warranted impression of durability.  You’ll probably grow tired of looking at this seat, before it wears out.  It’s “green,” and eco friendly.

One year limited warranty.

For more information, call 1-888-772-6488.

Easy to find at places like Lowe’s Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, et al.

Cons, Disadvantages, Limitations, and Problems

Probably the biggest drawback about this comfortable seat, is that you have to install it.  However, installation was a snap; accomplished in less than twenty minutes.

We paid roughly $35 for ours.  A bit high, it felt.  But under normal circumstances, this accessory should last long enough to provide a return on our investment, in terms of comfort and satisfaction.

The hinge damping may wear out after a year or two in high traffic bathrooms.  Have not observed this personally however.

Our Rating

As far as technology devices go, this accessory is quite simple.  It has simple requirements (to provided a comfortable “throne,” as well as to close softly when gently pushed or tapped).  It well meets both of these, and we feel that this product justifies its slightly higher price, with significantly higher overall quality.  We rate it therefore at 96 out of 100.

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