Picture of the Sony DVP-SR210P DVD player, unpacked, top view.

Sony DVP SR210P DVD Player Review

The Sony DVP-SR210P DVD player plays CDs, data disks with MP3 files, and can display pictures in JPEG format.

It’s among the most inexpensive DVD players we’ve seen.  Yet it appears very well constructed; we’ve used a similar model (the HDMI version) for several years now without problems.  This player epitomizes a mature technology; one that has been perfected, but features very low prices.  Good machine.

Picture of the Sony DVP-SR210P DVD player, unpacked, top view.
Sony DVP-SR210P DVD player, unpacked, top view.


Sony DVP-SR210P DVD Player Features, Benefits, Advantages, and Pros

Very Small and Light

This player measures 10.6 X 1.5 X 8.2”, and weighs less than three pounds.

Cheap Price

The Sony DVP-SR210P costs less than $35.


Region One DVDS supported.

Progressive Scan Support

Progressive scan in the Sony DVP-SR210P offers crisper video and still pictures.

The Sony DVP SR210P DVD Player is Energy Star Compliant

The Sony DVP-SR210P consumes just five watts during operation.

Little Ventilation Needed

The Sony DVP-SR210P has no ventilation holes in the case, and we hear no fans during operation.  Yet this DVD player runs just lukewarm.  So long you don’t place it above any heat-producing devices (audio amplifiers, DVRs, heaters, motors, et al), it will be fine.  Further, keep the player  out of direct sunlight.   Put it inside a TV stand without fears of overheating.

Audio Dynamic Range Control (DRC)

Allows selection of either reduced or full aural dynamic range when playing DVDs, depending on your listening environment and which your audio equipment performs best playing.

Selectable Digital Audio Output

In the Sony DVP-SR210P DVD player, you can choose whether to output the audio signals via the analog stereo jacks or the single digital RCA jack.

Dolby Digital Type Selector

Pic what type of Dolby digital signal you wish to hear.  Choose the D-PCM signal type whenever your connected audio playback device has no built in Dolby digital decoder.  Choose the DTS option whenever you audio reproduction device DOES have such a decoder (DTS decoder).

The Sony DVP SR210P DVD Player Has a Picture Slideshow Feature

You may play data discs with JPEG picture files on them, in a slideshow format, in which you may select various image-to-image transition options.

Plays Many Video Disc Formats


Supports Many File Extensions on Data CDs and Data DVDs

These include jpg, mpg, mpeg, mp3, wma, and wav.

Two Video Output Options

The player provides component video (red PR, green Y, and blue PB RCA jacks), and composite NTSC (yellow jack) outputs.

Analog and Digital Audio Outputs on the Sony DVP SR210P DVD Player

You have your choice of digital coaxial (a single orange RCA jack), or two analog (one red and one white) RCA jacks.

Attached 120 Volt AC Power Cord

Not a cheater cord.  So, no connecting prongs to bend, become corroded, or to wear out.  This also, however, means a harder time replacing the AC cord should it ever become damaged or worn.

Remote Control Included

Multi brand Sony RMT-D197A remote control included.  Can control both the DVD player as well as many popular brands of televisions. This facilitates control of both the player and the TV from a single remote. Two AA batteries are also included for this remote.

Parental Control Restrictions Supported

Some countries request that DVD player manufacturers provide a means to restrict playback of some DVDs, which might contain adult or offensive content.  This player allows the enabling of this restriction according to the guidelines set forth in 32 countries.  You can choose the country, whose guidelines will apply when operating this player. The United States is not listed however.  So, no onboard parental restrictions can be switched on for the US.

Many Languages (in the Menus) Supported

Picture of the wrapped Sony RMT-D197A remote control for DVD players, top view.
Wrapped Sony RMT-D197A remote control for DVD players, top view.

Sony DVP-SR210P DVD Player Drawbacks, Problems, Limitations, and Cons

Does Not Play Blu Ray Discs

For video, this player only handles the various DVD-+R and DVD -+RW formats as well as CD-R and CD-RW formats.   No blu ray.

No HDMI Output

This unit offers composite NTSC and component video outputs along with a digital coaxial output.

No PROTECTED File Formats Supported

Cannot play mp3PRO, .m4p, or other DRM (digital rights management) formats for example.

No AAC File Support on the Sony DVP SR210P DVD Player

Does not play the .m4a or .m4p files often provided from iTunes when you purchase digital music.  No .aac file playing either.

May Take Long to Scan Deep Folder Lists

Particularly for audio data CDs that could potentially hold thousands of recordings, Sony recommends restricting the levels of folders within folders for each album to two, to reduce disc load times.

Limited Number of Files Recognized Per Disc

The DVP-SR210P will recognize a maximum of two hundred (200) albums (presumably, per disc), and up to six hundred (600) files (presumably, per album folder).  The documentation is not entirely clear on this point.

Limited Video File Frame Size and Byte Count

The player can only display video files of 720 X 576 maximum dimensions, and can support files no larger than 2 gigabytes (GBs).

The Sony DVP SR210P DVD Player Has Limited High Bit Rate Video File Playing from Data CDs

Apparently in CD format, the maximum achievable bit transfer rate may be too low for very high bit rate files. This may result in jerky picture motion.  To get around this for these files, Sony suggests writing them to data DVDs instead of CDs. Then, play them from that DVD media for smoothest possible reproduction.

Some Copy Guarded Discs Do Not Play

Cannot play DVD-VR format discs with CPRM protection.

Some Playback Operations Not Available on All Discs

The Sony DVP-SR210P  offers a rich set of playback operation capabilities.  However, which of these you actually get to use is determined by the author of the video disc you’re playing.  Many restrict certain operations at various times during disc playback.  E.g. fast forward and reverse are often blocked during video playback.

Rear view picture of the player, showing the output jacks panel.
Rear view of the player, showing the output jacks panel.

Our Rating for the Sony DVP SR210P DVD Player

This DVD player is simple to work.  Plus, it’s an excellent value in the sub $40 line of video players.  Indeed, it has some limits that rule it out as a op-notch DVD player. But hey, for the low cost, you can’t go wrong.  Since most people play commercially produced NTSC DVD discs anyhow, they’ll most likely never see these limitations,.

Limits aside, what this machine does do? It performs quite well, and is cheap enough that you can simply buy another if it breaks.  So, we rate the Sony DVP-SR210P at 93 out of 100.  We feel that most who own it, would rate it even higher.  So, check it out.  We believe you’ll be pleased.

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