Picture of the glowing party light bars on the Sony SRS XB33 speaker.

Sony SRS XB33 Hard Reset Instructions

We give Sony SRS XB33 speaker hard reset instructions here to return this wireless speaker to its default factory settings.  Hard resetting restores the XB33 to fresh-out-of-box state. Plus, it removes any prior paired Bluetooth devices from memory. Clearing these stops this speaker from pairing to any nearby Bluetooth devices. Also, you might hard reset to get the unit ready for sale or re-gifting, or to stop it from syncing wirelessly with devices you no longer wish it to connect with.

Sony SRS XB33 Hard Reset, Step by Step Routine

1. Turn the Speaker ON

Press and release the Power button for a half-second or so. Find the Power button as shown in the next picture.

The -Power- button on the Sony SRS XB33 speaker. Sony SRS XB33 Hard Reset.
Sony SRS XB33 speaker -Power- button.

Then, the status light illuminates in green, as we see next.

Picture of the -Power- lamp lit up.
The -Power- lamp lit up.

The speaker may make a ding-dong tone sound when it powers up and announce that it has paired, should it connect to a in-range device. Or it may make no sound if not.  But whether the unit pairs or not though, this hard reset routine works the same way, as follows.

2. Press and Hold the Pairing and Volume DOWN Buttons Together

Find these buttons as shown next.  They are both on the top button panel, as we point out in the next picture.

The -Bluetooth Pairing- and -Volume DOWN- buttons.
The -Bluetooth Pairing- and -Volume DOWN- buttons.

The XB33 then enters the hard reset process.

Next, after a few seconds, the speaker powers OFF. The status lamp goes dark, as shown next. Plus, note that on the SRS XB33, there is no going-OFF sound.

The dark -Power- light.
The dark -Power- lamp.

3. Check that your Sony SRS XB33 Speaker Did Indeed Hard Reset

Next, power on the unit again, as detailed in step 1 above.

Note that after hard reset, the XB33 comes up in discovery mode. The Pairing Mode lamp double blinks blue to let you know this.

The glowing -Bluetooth Status- light.
The -Bluetooth Status- lamp glowing.

This signifies that you may then look for this speaker on a nearby BT device, and pair to it if you want.

4. Done with Sony SRS XB33 Hard Reset !

The hard reset is now done. So you may safely sell or gift the 33, or pair it again with your favorite Bluetooth devices.

After a hard reset, the XB33 no longer automatically syncs with any previously joined Bluetooth device. Thus, to restore auto pairing, you manually connect it with a device. Then, any time that both speaker and that device have Bluetooth turned on, and they’re near to each other, pairing automatically takes place once more.

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