Picture of the right front of the Sony SRS X3 speaker.

Sony X3 Reset Instructions

We describe here the Sony X3 brick speaker reset routine to return the unit to its default settings. Furthermore, doing this erases any earlier synced Bluetooth devices from memory. We might want to clear these to prevent this speaker from pairing to any nearby BT devices. Also, you would best reset your speaker to get it ready for sale or re-gifting, or to stop it from pairing with devices you no longer wish it to connect with.

Sony X3 Reset Directions, Step by Step

1. Turn ON the Speaker

Press and release the Power button for a half-second or so. Find this button location in the next picture.

Picture of the Power button on the Sony X3.
The Power button on the Sony X3.

Then, the status light comes on.  This light we find on the top of the speaker, just behind the Power button.

Picture of the green glowing Power light on the Sony X3.
The green glowing Power light on the Sony X3.

The speaker makes a startup chord sound when it powers up, whether it connects to a nearby device or not. But whether or not that, this reset routine works the same way, as follows.

2. Press and Hold the Volume DOWN and Power Buttons

Both of these buttons we find on the top of the speaker, right of center, as called out in the next picture. Both are in the back row.  The Volume Down button is in the leftmost position in this row, while the Power button is in the rightmost position.

Picture of the Volume Down and Power button locations on the X3.
The Volume Down and Power button locations on the X3.

Since one of these buttons is for power, you need to first press the Volume Down button by itself,  Then, after a half-second, while holding that one in, press and hold the Power button.  Doing it this way prevents accidently powering down the speaker before it has a chance to reset.

Then, hold both buttons in until all lamps go out, and the speaker shuts down.  This takes around five seconds as the speaker master resets.

Next, the speaker powers OFF, and the Power and Pairing lamps go dark. Note that on this speaker, there is no power-down sound when the reset finishes.

Picture of the top of the Sony X3 with all lamps dark.
Top of the Sony X3 showing all lamps dark.

You may release the buttons when all the lights go dark.

3. Check that your Sony X3 Speaker Did Reset

Next, power on the X3 once more, as described in step 1 above.

Note that after a reset, this speaker comes up in pairing mode. The Pairing lamp blinks in fast white blips to tell you this.  This is a signal for you to look for this speaker on a nearby BT device, and pair to it if you so desire.

4. Done with Sony X3 Reset !

The speaker reset is now complete. So you may now sell or gift the unit, or pair it again with your favorite Bluetooth devices.

After resetting, the speaker no longer automatically connects with any previously paired Bluetooth device. Thus, to restore this auto linking, you manually pair the X3 with a device. Then after that, any time that both speaker and that device have Bluetooth turned on, and they’re near to each other, pairing would automatically take place once more.

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