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Sony XP500 Specs Watts

The SRS XP500 Sony Bluetooth party speaker is a medium power, karaoke stereo  with abundant audio output watts in the specs to fill a common size room or yard with plenty loud, far reaching tunes, that feature rich bass and treble.

But what do the watts of a BT speaker tell us about it?  Firstly, the watt is a measure of how much power the speaker consumes or outputs.  Furthermore, this metric is a handy comparison measure. E.g. Generally speaking, the more watts speakers can deliver. the louder can play. Plus, they sound bigger than those with less.  They cost more, have larger, heavier batteries and AC power supplies, along with outsized drivers.  They offer more dynamic range, have a deeper bass response, and stereo models like the SRS XP500 offer typically a bigger soundstage to listeners.

Picture of the Sony XP500 connected to AC power.
The Sony XP500 connected to AC power.

Thus in general, the more watts the speaker can drive, the better it sounds, even at lower audio wattages. You get clearer sound due to more accurate reproduction of the bass as well as midrange and treble content of the music. So, the speaker’s specs watts output is a key indicator of speaker capability and quality, and as such, is of great intrigue to audiophiles and novice music lovers alike.

In this case, the Sony XP500, as a portable indoor / outdoor tower speaker, is a decidedly hefty model.  Indeed, its tens of watts can fill a medium size room inside or outside with easily heard tunes. See below for details on its power output.

Sony XP500 Specs Watts: Details

    1. Battery Capacity: 50 watt-hours.*
    2. AC Power: 76 Watts via the internal power supply.
    3. Light Power: Less than 5 watts.
    4. Standby Mode Power: Less than 2 watts.
    5. Power Bank Output Power: 10 Watts (5 volts at 2 amp max divided among the two output ports).
    6. Audio Output Power on AC (RMS) (both channels): 12 watts total.
    7. Peak Audio Power (both channels): 17 watts.
    8. Audio Output Power on Battery: Decreases as battery discharges.
    9. Output Power per Channel: 6 watts RMS.*

* = Estimated.

Notes on Sony XP500 Specs Watts

    1. The speaker attempts to save on battery power as the battery nears total depletion.  The XP 500 does this by reducing the audio output power somewhat.

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