The Sony SRS XB10 portable speaker, showing the open port door with the USB charging port highlighted.

SRS XB10 Charging Time

You charge the SRS XB10 personal speaker via the micro USB charge port, and to get the quickest charging time and fullest charge, use a medium current USB charger for fastest yet most economical results. Details follow.

SRS XB10 Charging Time: How Long to Fully Recharge

According to the specs for this speaker the time it takes for charging the XB10 Bluetooth speaker is four and a half (4.5) hours, using a 5 volt, 0.5 amp, 2.5 watt charger or greater.

Picture of the SRS XB10 showing the open port door, with the USB charging port.
The SRS XB10 showing the open port door, with the USB charging port.

How Long it Plays Per Full Charging

On a complete charge, the XB10 can play for up to sixteen (16) hours, due to its 3.7 volt lithium ion battery.  But when you play it loudly, especially with lots of bass, you will see abbreviated playing time.  We see this Bluetooth speaker run dead in around twelve hours when we play at louder volumes. So to get the longest charge time from it, power saving is helpful.  Just play it only as loudly as you need to, to hear it well throughout your listening space.

Picture of the SRS XB10 logo side.
The SRS XB10 logo side.

The Charging Time Gets Smaller as the SRS XB10 Ages

If you own this speaker over a few to several years, you may notice that the time it plays from a single charge shrinks as the speaker gets older.  This is normal for devices like this one, that rely on lithium ion batteries.

But by fully cycling the battery now and then, you can slow this charge capacity drop. So to exercise the XB10, run the battery fully dead, and then recharge it again every three to six months when not in use.

Also, we advise that you avoid leaving the speaker connected to a charger once it reaches full charge.  Right after the charging lamp shuts off, unplug the speaker as soon as you can, to avoid overcharging it and aging the battery prematurely.

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