How to Connect Wonderboom to Alexa

This post shows how to connect the Wonderboom portable Bluetooth speaker to Alexa smart speakers. Since this pairing happens between the Wonderboom and Echo devices directly, you need not turn Bluetooth on in the mobile device you’re using to set up this connection. How to Connect Wonderboom to Alexa, Step by Step With your Wonderboom … Continue reading How to Connect Wonderboom to Alexa

Wonderboom Charger Details Info

A decent Wonderboom speaker charger is a USB AC charger that supplies at least 2.1 amps at 5 volts (12 watts or more). Note that currently, Ultimate Ears does not provide a compatible USB charger with its Wonderboom speaker.  So, you’ll need to buy one elsewhere.  These usually cost between ten and forty US dollars. … Continue reading Wonderboom Charger Details Info

How to Put Wonderboom 1 in Pairing Mode

To link the Wonderboom 1 speaker with a Bluetooth source device for the first time, or to reset the connection information on that device, you must know how to do this on the speaker.  You need this skill because in this mode, this speaker calls out its Bluetooth name and current linkage data on the … Continue reading How to Put Wonderboom 1 in Pairing Mode