Compact Fluorescent Light Problems Discussed

While compact fluorescent light technology has been a drastic advance over those very long glass tubes requiring heavy ballasts to operate, this mode of energy saving lighting still suffers from numerous problems, drawbacks, and limitations.  We detail some of the most prominent of those issues below.   Problems, Cons, Drawbacks, and Limitations of Compact Fluorescent Light … Continue reading Compact Fluorescent Light Problems Discussed

CFL Advantages and Disadvantages

The energy-saving   CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lamp)   has taken the home lighting industry by storm over the past two decades.  It’s a smaller version of the ever popular straight and circular fluorescent tube light bulbs found everywhere over the last century. They make these lighting units much smaller today, and much brighter per inch of tube length besides, by employing electronic … Continue reading CFL Advantages and Disadvantages