Sony MDR-7509HD Studio Monitor Professional Headphones Review

The Sony MDR 7509HD studio monitor professional headphones  worked very well for the year that we owned them, and in that time, we played them with many CD players, televisions, iPods, and headphone amps. Found them to be pretty fair audio devices in several respects. The MDR-7509HDs appear similar to the MDR-V500 and 7506, units, also by Sony, tested previously, and reviewed elsewhere in … Continue reading Sony MDR-7509HD Studio Monitor Professional Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD-650 Headphones Review

I’ve owned the Sennheiser HD-650 Headphones  for several years now. In that time, I’ve used them with various CD players, iPods, iPads, headphone amps, and stereo receivers. Impressions follow in this review. These dynamic headphones highly impressed me with their notably full response. There’s no part of the audio frequency spectrum that this audio head-gear fails to … Continue reading Sennheiser HD-650 Headphones Review