Honeywell Dial Thermostat Pictures

Here, we include the Honeywell dial thermostat pictures we took that detail our experiences with installing, testing, and reviewing them. Honeywell T87N1026 Large Dial Thermostat Pictures Though it looks like an old fashioned dial thermostat, the T87N1026 is all electronic inside. No sensor springs or mercury switches. Yet another change from the past is that … Continue reading Honeywell Dial Thermostat Pictures

Honeywell Thermostat Picture Gallery

We’ve owned several Honeywell thermostats over the past decade, and have written much about them. ┬áThus in this album, we’ve gathered all the shots we’ve taken into this Honeywell thermostat picture gallery, of the models we’ve tested. Enjoy. Picture Gallery of the Honeywell RLV310A Thermostat Firstly, this is one of Honeywell’s line voltage t-stats, for … Continue reading Honeywell Thermostat Picture Gallery