Philips SHS3200 Earbuds Review

These Philips SHS3200 Earhook Earbuds more resemble buds than headphones, and due to the ear hook feature, that effectively attaches the earphone to your ears, these are well-suited for those sports minded folks, who love listening to their tunes on a morning jog or while bench pressing at the gym. In our tests, with the hook … Continue reading Philips SHS3200 Earbuds Review

Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds S2IKDZ-003 Review

For the $20 we paid for these Skullcandy Ink’d earbuds, model S2IKDZ-003, we felt that we got way more value than that. These buds offer full and rich low sounds, non distorted mid range, and clear highs up to 12 kilohertz or so.  Quite a joy to listen to.  Such a joy in fact that here, … Continue reading Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds S2IKDZ-003 Review

Philips SHQ1000-28 Headphones Review

In short, these Philips SHQ1000-28 ActionFit headpones, in the earbuds style,   are not high fidelity. But they are very durable, sweat proof, waterproof.  Just be sure to use the rubber cups they come with. These buds are well-fitting for sports, comfortable, and not bad sounding. Clearly though, they focused more on the ruggedness that sports … Continue reading Philips SHQ1000-28 Headphones Review

Sony Make Believe Headphones DR EX12iP Review

The Sony Make Believe DR EX12iP headphones shine in their crystal clear high-end, treble clarity.  But this is at the expense of a strong bass presence. Sony Make Believe Headphones First Remarks We’d describe the Sony Make Believe headphones as a basically natural-sounding, in ear headphone.  The speakers are rather small (9mm).  They remind us … Continue reading Sony Make Believe Headphones DR EX12iP Review

iWorld Stealth Earbuds Review

They refer to these iWorld Stealth Earbuds as Stealth Sound, presumably, because those around you will not hear your music if you’re properly wearing these. As is typical for iWorld, they again devised a cheap, reasonably well performing headset for CD and MP3 player users. The Stealth Sound series is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and … Continue reading iWorld Stealth Earbuds Review

Auvio 3300271 Earbuds, Pearl Buds Review

The quest for an equivalent pair of earbud accessories, to Apple’s stock iPod buds continues, with this examination of the Auvio 3300271 earbuds Pearl buds. In this Auvio® earbuds review. we compared these two earphones, side-by-side, on the same music, starting first with the Auvios. The first impression of the 3300271 Pearl Buds, was that they sounded … Continue reading Auvio 3300271 Earbuds, Pearl Buds Review

Auvio 3300352 Earbuds Review

These  Auvio 3300352 Earbuds, Element Headphones, we paid $13 for on sale some years back at Radio Shack (normally $19.99).  They designed these buds  with a great bass response.  And boy, do they have awesome bass!  Not just boomy bass either. For the notably small size of the ear drivers, you get quite deep tones, … Continue reading Auvio 3300352 Earbuds Review

Apple Earpods Earbuds Review

Bought another set of natural-sounding in ear earphones that are a marked improvement over the Apple stock iPod / iPhone / iPad earbuds that came with iPods prior to 2014; those being the Apple Earpods. Apple Earpods Review: Intro Apple Earpods are a higher class product than sub-$20 earphones we’d enjoyed for years.  After testing … Continue reading Apple Earpods Earbuds Review

Koss KEB30K Earbud Headphones Headset Review

The Koss earbud headphones KEB30K noise isolating earphones play the mid range too loudly. They sacrifice decent bass and treble in the process.  Good for novice listeners though, who don’t really care about such things. The drivers reproduce vocal sounds quite well. But the lows, due to the very small size of these buds, do … Continue reading Koss KEB30K Earbud Headphones Headset Review