Logitech Roll Reset Instructions

These Logitech Roll speaker reset instructions show you how to totally reset your Logitech Roll Bluetooth speaker to its factory default settings.  Resetting erases any earlier paired Bluetooth devices from its memory. Clearing these stops the Roll from pairing to any nearby Bluetooth devices in search mode. Also, you should reset the speaker to get … Continue reading Logitech Roll Reset Instructions

Logitech Wonderboom Charging Instructions

Here’s our Logitech Wonderboom charging instructions for this portable Bluetooth speaker.  Charging is easy through the sealed micro USB DC in port on the rear bottom of the WB. First, select a high current USB AC adapter. Why so? Because UE does not include this with the Wonderboom.  But Logitech sells one that works well … Continue reading Logitech Wonderboom Charging Instructions

Logitech Wonderboom Speaker Pairing Instructions

This post gives Logitech Wonderboom speaker pairing instructions with common Bluetooth devices. Begin with your Logitech speaker shut OFF (all dark top lamps). Then, follow along for pairing it with most any source device.  In this demo, we show pairing the Wonderboom speaker with our iPad Air mobile computer. But very similar directions work for … Continue reading Logitech Wonderboom Speaker Pairing Instructions