Philips SHS3200 Earbuds Review

These Philips SHS3200 Earhook Earbuds more resemble buds than headphones, and due to the ear hook feature, that effectively attaches the earphone to your ears, these are well-suited for those sports minded folks, who love listening to their tunes on a morning jog or while bench pressing at the gym. In our tests, with the hook … Continue reading Philips SHS3200 Earbuds Review

Philips SHQ3000 Earbuds Earhook Headphones Review

Philips did a complete turnaround when they developed these Philips SHQ3000 Action Fit Earhook Sports Headphones. These are so much better than the SHQ1000-28 offering. Unlike some of the other earhook-featuring earbuds we’ve reviewed, these Philips SHQ3000s route the audio cable in a better way.  They use the earhook itself as a router.  So, the cable … Continue reading Philips SHQ3000 Earbuds Earhook Headphones Review