Philips SHS3200 Earbuds Review

These Philips SHS3200 Earhook Earbuds more resemble buds than headphones, and due to the ear hook feature, that effectively attaches the earphone to your ears, these are well-suited for those sports minded folks, who love listening to their tunes on a morning jog or while bench pressing at the gym. In our tests, with the hook … Continue reading Philips SHS3200 Earbuds Review

Philips SHQ1000-28 ActionFit Headphones Review

In short, these Philips SHQ1000-28 ActionFit headpones, in the earbuds style,   are not high fidelity. But they are very durable, sweat proof, waterproof.  Just be sure to use the rubber cups they come with. These buds are well-fitting for sports, comfortable, and not bad sounding. Clearly though, they focused more on the ruggedness that sports … Continue reading Philips SHQ1000-28 ActionFit Headphones Review

Philips Earhook Headphones Actionfit Review

Reviewing the Philips SHQ3200/28 ActionFit sports earhook headphones here. These have replaced the SHQ3000 headset that we were so fond of back in 2012. But nothing lost in this latest update. Philips Earhook Sports Headphones Intro These earhook phones seem to perform just as well as their SH3000/28 predecessor. But they may have more durable … Continue reading Philips Earhook Headphones Actionfit Review