Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones Review

We owned the Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones for a few years in around 2004. We used them with many CD players, iPod Nanos, headphone amps, and mixers at our mobile DJ gigs.  Indeed, the ruggedness of the MDR-V700DJ is obvious. But how they sound is far less complimentary. Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones Intro Due to their solid … Continue reading Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones Review

Sony MDR V500DJ Professional DJ Headphones Review

WE owned the Sony MDR-V500DJ Professional DJ Headphones for twenty years. So we’ve used them with many and varied CD players, iPods, mixing boards, headphone amps, and headphone pre amps. We found them exceptional audio devices in so many aspects on our mobile disc jockey gigs. These dynamic earphones offer probably the best sound of … Continue reading Sony MDR V500DJ Professional DJ Headphones Review