Honeywell Thermostat Models Review

We’ve reviewed several Honeywell Thermostats on this site, from the line voltage programmable models for baseboard heat, up through the latest in their smart wireless remote thermostat offerings.  Below, find a summary and picture of each one tested so far.  We’ll add more here as we test more.   Honeywell Line Voltage Thermostats RLV310A Baseboard … Continue reading Honeywell Thermostat Models Review

SmartWay Solutions Talking Thermostat VIP3000 Review

The model VIP3000 Talking Digital Thermostat from SmartWay Solutions Incorporated, is a full-featured 5-2 programmable thermostat, that has been designed to offer high accessibility to blind and vision-impaired users, via the addition of its very clear and plenty loud, human-sounding male voice, along with its high-visibility LED-lighted display.  Not only does it speak the most … Continue reading SmartWay Solutions Talking Thermostat VIP3000 Review