How to Put JBL Boombox 1 in Pairing Mode

To pair the Boombox 1 JBL speaker with a Bluetooth source device for the first time, or to refresh the connection information stored on that device, you must know how to launch pairing mode on this speaker.  Further, in this mode, the JBL Boombox sends its Bluetooth name and current linkage info on the BT … Continue reading How to Put JBL Boombox 1 in Pairing Mode

JBL Boombox 1 Specs, Tech Specifications

Here, we list the complete JBL Boombox 1 wireless speaker technical specs.  First, these give its physical size, weight, waterproof level certification, battery charge time, and play time.  They also give its frequency response, power output, battery life per recharge, and power bank capabilities.  Indeed it’s obvious from reading through these specs that the JBL … Continue reading JBL Boombox 1 Specs, Tech Specifications

JBL Boombox Reset Instructions

Here, we give JBL Boombox Bluetooth speaker reset directions.  This is how to restore the speaker to its default factory settings. Resetting erases any earlier paired Bluetooth devices from memory, and stops the Boombox from pairing to any nearby active Bluetooth devices that happen to be in range. Also, you might reset the unit to … Continue reading JBL Boombox Reset Instructions