Picture of the packaged Taylor Dual Event Count Up and Count Down Timer

Taylor Dual Event Count Up Count Down Timer 5872-9 Review

In preps for the extensive cooking that we do over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, we picked up one of these Taylor Dual Event Countup Countdown Timers, model 5872-9.

While cooking such large-scale meals, we usually have multiple foods baking, boiling, marinating, and simmering at the same time, and we’re only so good at starting them all so that they finish at the same time.  So, it’s handy to be able to time the cooking of each one separately.

We often have three or four timers counting down at the same time.  This Taylor cooking timer however, simplifies all that somewhat, because it performs the duties of two complete kitchen timers, but in one compact package.

At under $6 per unit, this dual event timer costs no more than comparable single event timers we’ve seen, and it sports a spiffy black and stainless steel look, which matches the appearance of other appliances in contemporary kitchens, where stainless steel refrigerators, stoves, and microwave ovens are all the rage.

The only real potential difficulty we’ve found with this way-glorified egg timer, is that it sports nine buttons on the front.  This might make it harder to understand and operate for some.  But anyone with even modest technological savvy should have no problems learning how to program it.  It’s a highly economical and useful product.

Picture of the packaged Taylor Dual Event Count Up and Count Down Timer
Taylor Dual Event Count Up and Count Down Timer

Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features

Dual event timing.  The 5872-9 can independently time one or two events.

Day long timed intervals.  Both timed intervals can be up to twenty three hours and fifty nine minutes and fifty nine seconds long.

Unique sounding alarm for each event.  A distinctive ring sounds as each event time expires.  The rings sound different for each timer. Timer one expiration causes a pair of beeps each second to sound, while timer two produces four beeps per second.

Timer durations can be saved for later.  Each timer provides a memory / recall ability.  The last time interval programmed into each timer can be saved, and then recalled from these memories.

Clock function.  Also functions as a time-of-day clock when not using the timers.

Count up as well as count down timing.  Can be set to either count down to zero time, or count up to 23:59:59.

Easy to find replacement battery.  Requires a triple-A (AAA) battery, which is provided in the package.

Succinct instruction manual.  Comprehensive operating instructions provided on the back of the package.  These explain how to set the internal clock, program timer 1, program timer 2, use the built-in memories, set into count up timing mode, and how to care for and clean the unit.

Stopwatch feature.  Could be used as a count up stopwatch, if you do not need tenths of a second granularity.

Selectable AM / PM or military time display.  The clock displays time in user selectable 12 or 24 hour modes.

Easy to work pushbuttons.  Large, adequately spaced buttons that feature white label text that identifies each button’s function, for easy reading.  The front panel buttons include the Clock, T1, T2, T1/2, H, M, S, Clear, and Start / Stop.

Check time of day while timing events.  You are able to check the current time of day without disturbing the counting of any active timers.

Correct battery polarity verification.  The timer beeps several times to signify correct polarity when you insert the AAA battery.

Stainless steel looking finish.  Fits well in terms of looks, into contemporary stainless steel finished kitchens.

Built-in easel stand.  Retractable spring-loaded stand on the back of the case, allows the timer to sit on a counter, in an easel position, for easy viewing and operating.

Sufficiently long timer-done alert.  When the time is up on either timer, the unit beeps for a minute and a half to let you know.  Then, it goes silent, but the timer keeps counting (up at this point), so that you know how long ago the set time interval ran out.

Small and compact.  Very light and portable, at 4 inches long, 3-1/8 inches high, and 1-1/8 inches thick, with the stand closed.  Functions well to time other activities besides cooking.

Excellent physical fitness timer.  Can be used at the gym while exercising to measure the length of a run, or in the quiet room to let you know when your ten-minute meditation period is up. Highly versatile, and so, not confined to the kitchen uses.

1 year limited warranty.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Concerns, and Limitations

Neither water resistant nor water proof.  Like most other electronic devices, this digital timer should not be immersed in water or any other cleaning fluids.

Two event timers not exactly alike.  Only timer 2 can display actual count up time, although both timers are capable of count up operation.

No backlight on the display.  This would have been an easy addition, given the maturity and proliferation of LED technology.

Made in China.

Not very blind friendly.  Inaccessible for many vision impaired folks.  It neither speaks, nor offers distinctive button press or mode tones to aid vision impaired users in programming.

Picture of the printed operating instructions for the Taylor Dual Event Timer, 5872-9, as displayed on the back of the packaging.
Operating Instructions for the Taylor Dual Event Timer, 5872-9, as displayed on the back of the packaging.

Our Rating

We found this electronic digital timer to be well constructed, and to keep reasonably accurate time on the time-of-day clock.  No problems were experienced setting it up initially and using each timer.  Its notification beeps are plenty loud but by no means overbearing, and you can own this timer for the cost of a song; not much more than a song anyhow.  We paid around $5.49 for ours at Walmart.  Our product rating for this device is 95 out of 100.

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