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Terro Ant Baits Review, Terro Liquid Ant Baits

We’ve had carpenter and black ants in our kitchen and bathroom, particularly during mild winters.  So we have used these   Terro Ant Baits   many times for a several years now.  They combat these pesky pests quite well.  So, we offer here our experiences with this product, in this review.

Over all, Terro ant killer works great on the most common types of ants seen here.  Terro ant baits draw in carpenter ants, black ants, and European fire ants.  We find this specialized yet consumer grade insecticide well worth the cost ($3.98 for four baits at Walmart).

Terro Liquid Ant Baits Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

Stop Ants at the Source

These work by luring ants to the bait.  The ants then cart the chemicals they find there, back to their colonies.  Back there, many more ants reside, and the carried ingredients destroy the ants.  Since the colonies typically hide well out of sight, you won’t find many dead ants around.

Odor Free, and Colorless

The ant killing substance in these baits is odorless and colorless.  It looks like a thick, clear, water syrup.

Easy Cleanup

So even if some of it spills, cleanup is a cinch with a damp rag and mild soap.  Wash off of skin immediately with plenty of soap and warm water.

Terro Ant Baits are Simple to Install — Instructions

Use of these ant killers is straight forward.  You just cut off the part where the red line ends on the plastic holder.  Then sit the unit anywhere you need to control ants.

Easy to Find in Stores

The bright orange packaging makes Terro baits easy to find, even in large stores.

Take Effect Quickly

We’ve found that ants immediately respond as soon as you place these traps around.  Within minutes, they find it and begin crawling inside to the transparent liquid.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is low on this ant killer.  Once placed, you need not disturb them (or the ants they attract) until the liquid inside disappears completely.  These baits remain completely effective until completely dry.

Terro Ant Baits Can Cure Small to Mid Sized Ant Problems

According to the R&D department at Terro, each ant station has enough liquid to kill forty to fifty thousand ants.  Wow.  That seems like quite a bit for one bait.  Powerful stuff.

Our Ant Infestations Cured Quickly

In our case, these ant baits completely removed all ants in a week or less.

Safe for Humans and Pets if Used Correctly

When handled properly, neither persons nor pets ever come into contact with the liquid inside the casing.  Further, these ant baits give off no dangerous fumes.

Nonetheless, we suggest placing the ant bait out of reach of children.  Keep it away from dogs, cats, and indoor birds as well.

Terro liquid ant baits review. Picture of Terro ant baits, stock photo.
Stock photo of Terro ant baits.

Terro Liquid Ant Baits Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations, and Concerns

Need Better Means of Opening

You must cut open these pre-filled stations with scissors before use.  But they could simplify opening them, with a flexible seal of some sort.  This would cover the ant bait hole.  Then, one could peel this off when setting the bait.

But then again, perhaps Terro chose the package design purposely.  Perhaps they wanted users to have to use scissors to open the bait.  Perhaps they felt that a harder to open bait would stop a user from spilling bait juice on his hand.  Yet this slight trouble by no means detracts from the usefulness of these traps.

Terro Ant Baits are Easy to Spill

Now be careful not to spill the liquid out of the station. Spilling can happen easily depending on where you put the baits.  When spillage does occur, wipe it up with a dry paper towel.  Then, rinse the area with lots of water, several times.

A Bit Unsightly

During deployment, many ants gather inside the ant bait.  Note that they do not die there generally.  Instead, they go in there, pick up the insecticide, and take it back to their colonies.  So while the Terro ant baits are not technically an ant trap, ants visit them when you place the baits.  Now perhaps you’re squeamish about lots of bugs crawling around.  If so,  then put these baits along the typical ant travel routs in your home, but well out of sight.

Frequent Checking Needed

Especially in larger infestations, the active chemicals can run out much sooner than expected.  During the first week or two, we suggest checking the ant baits once every day or two.  Replacing them when they fill up at those times.

Our Rating on Terro Ant Baits

So We’d highly recommend this product  for any in-home ant trouble.  They indeed worked well for our family.  So we feel that Terro ant killer works the best of all that we’ve tried.

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