Picture of the front view of the Thermos 16 Oz. Vacuum Insulated Food Jar.

Thermos 16 Oz Food Jar Container Review

Concerned about BPA and other plastic-related chemicals getting into our hot-foot lunch items, we opt to get rid of the recycled plastic water and hydration bottles. Instead, we use this Thermos 16 ounce food jar.

It’s a portable, all-in-one lunchbox accessory, because it comes complete with a bowl (in the lid).  There’s also a stainless steel spoon that snaps onto the top of the inner cap, and a vacuum insulated storage container to boot.  Foods and beverages stay hot or cold for at least seven hours, and stay moderately so for nearly a whole day.

Picture of the front view of the Thermos 16 Oz. vacuum insulated food jar.
Thermos 16 Oz. vacuum insulated food jar, top front view.

Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages of the Thermos 16 Oz Food Jar

Spoon and Bowl Included

Comes with a stainless steel spoon to eat with, that snaps into the top of the cap.  Plus, the outer lid screws off of the unit, revealing a plastic lined food bowl inside.

Spoon is Foldable / Retractable

As such, this spoon  folds up and secures atop the inner cap.  It never need be separate from this food jar, thus.  Furthermore, the spoon contains two hinges and three sections, so that when you fold it completely, it shrinks to about a third of its fully-open size.

Vacuum Insulated

Features the famous Thermos double wall construction, in which air is evacuated from the space between the inner and outer walls, to create a highly effective insulating layer / dead space.

The Thermos 16 Oz Food Jar Fits in Most Lunchboxes

Holds Enough Food to Satisfy the Hungriest Folks

Keeps Foods and Soups Hot or Cold for Hours

Seven hours for hot beverages and foods, nine hours for cold items like ice, ice cream, potato salad, et al.

Stainless Steel Build

Though not completely impervious to dings and dents, this metal jar prevents liquid spillage when dropped from medium to moderately high heights, onto  hard floors and ground.

Reasonable Price

We paid Approx.  $24 for ours.

No Glass

The stainless steel inner vessel and its reflective properties, along with the vacuum layer surrounding it, seems to insulate food from the outside temps about as well as those old fashioned, glass-lined Thermos bottles from the 1960s and 1970s.

The Thermos 16 Oz Food Jar is Fairly Rugged

With a modicum of proper care, this unit should survive years of camping, hiking, and biking trips, and still look attractive as well as retain its full functionality.

Tight Fitting, Sturdy Sealing Lid

When tightly screwed on, the inner cap does not leak at all.

No metal Taste in Stored Food

Unlike most plastic food containers we’ve sampled, Thermos leaves behind no flavors behind in the food, no matter how hot it is.

Cleans Up in a Jiffy

Foods generally do not stick much to the stainless steel interior.

Dishwasher Safe

This jar is small enough to fit on the top shelf of most automatic dishwashers.  However, hand-washing it is preferred, as the water pressure in many dishwashers, may be insufficient to reach all the way into bottom and lower sides of this food jar.

The Thermos 16 Oz Food Jar Comes in Multiple Color Choices

We’ve seen it in black and red.

Owners Manual

AKA, the Care and use guide, they provide inside this Thermos jar.

Limited Five-Year Warranty

Very generous.  Apparently, its manufacturer believes in the high quality and durability of this product to offer such a lengthy warranty.

Picture of the jar with lid off, showing the bowl side of the lid as well as the retractable stainless steel spoon.
The jar with lid off, showing the bowl side of the lid as well as the retractable stainless steel spoon.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations of the Thermos 16 Oz Food Jar

No Packaging

We’ve purchased two Thermos products as of this writing, and both were dented on their bottoms and / or sides.  This may have happened because this product is not boxed or wrapped in any way at the store; it’s just sitting loose, on the shelf.  So for better protection against cosmetic damages like this, we suggest that Thermos pack each unit in its own box or padded wrapping.

May Dent  

If dropped onto hard surfaces, you may ding this Thermos.

No Carrying Handle

Some of the bigger Thermos vessels have large plastic carrying handles on their sides, attached with metal links.  Not this one.  But not a terribly big deal however, since they’ve contoured the body of this food jar to fit well into most average to large sized hands.

Delicate Finishes

Do not clean with abrasive cleansers, as these might scratch, etch, or dull the shiny silver inner and outer surfaces.  No bleach either.

May Need Pre Heating or Pre Chilling

We recommend that you preheat (or pre chill) this Thermos, to avoid its cold metal from cooling down the food you add in too much.  Pre heat it by simply filling it half-way up with hot water, installing the inner cap, and shaking the unit around for a half-minute.

The Thermos 16 Oz Food Jar is Not Suited for Microwave Oven

Due to the virtually all metal construction, vacuum insulated jars like this one should not be heated in the microwave.  Doing so will likely damage either the Thermos or the microwave oven.

Picture of the food jar completely disassembled, showing the outer lid, inner cap, spoon and the double walled storage container itself.
The food jar, completely disassembled, showing the outer lid, inner cap, spoon and the double walled storage container itself.

Our Rating on the Thermos 16 Oz Food Jar

We found this Thermos jar to be exactly as advertised.   It keeps food piping hot or freezing cold throughout the morning and well into the afternoon.  Aside from the lack of individual shipment protective packaging, this product is virtually flawless.  We rate it at 95 out of 100 therefore.  It’s worth the investment.

Picture of the foldable spoon.
The foldable spoon.

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