Picture of the 18 ounce version of the Thermos Insulated Hydration Bottle, with its cap removed.

Thermos Water Bottle Review, Vacuum Insulated

The Thermos double wall water hydration bottle, model 2465, is likely the best flip top bottle on the market.  Not only does this 18-ounce version store enough drink for plenty of thirst-quenching re hydration over an hour-long workout.  Its vacuum insulated design safely holds both hot and cold drinks.  It keeps them hot or cold for up to twelve hours, the label says. That’s way long enough for all but the longest workouts.  Quite long enough for OUR workouts anyhow.

Plus, you don’t feel much heat or cold escaping from inside to out on the 2465, due to the high R insulation.  The rubber grip on this Thermos double walled hydration bottle stops slipping out of your hand.  At two-thirds the way up the bottom from the bottom, the grip allows for sure fire, fast drinking.

This bottle is great for picnics, train rides, walks in the woods, and afternoons at a pavilion.  When you want lots of hot / cold drink for your entire stay, carry it in this thermos.

Picture of the fully assembled Thermos double walled hydration bottle.
Thermos double walled water bottle, fully assembled.

Features, Benefits, Pros, and Advantages of the Thermos Double Walled Water Bottle

Vacuum Insulated

Works quite well.  Drinks stay cold up to twelve hours. Just keep the cap closed and locked when not drinking from it.  Then, cold drinks stay cold and hot drinks stay hot.  Of course, the temps outside this thermos affects how hot or cold liquids stay over twelve hours.  But for non extreme environments, the twelve-hour spec seems to hold true.

This Thermos Water Bottle Made of Stainless Steel 

Extends durability and eases cleanup.  Thermos made both the inner and outer walls from this brush finished metal.

This Thermos Water Bottle is the Right Size for Car Cup Holders

This Thermos double walled hydration bottle effectively secures inside an automobile cup stand and bike cages.  Long but slim shape fits unobtrusively into backpacks, purses, and duffel bags. Small foot print.

Nearly Unbreakable

The metal makeup of the Thermos double walled hydration bottle plus its plastic cap and grip, helps reduce shock.  This bottle may dent when dropped from higher distances.  But it will not crack or split apart.  Shatterproof.  No glass within.

Flip Back Lid

The hinged lid makes it unnecessary to remove it to drink.  The lid stays attached when either open or closed.  When released, the lid springs open.

Open this Thermos Water Bottle with One Hand

You can unlock and release the lid with the thumb of the hand holding the 2465.  Closing and locking is just as easy.

Leak Proof

The screw-on cap and lid has a flexible seal.  This seal mates with the bottle body when screwed into place. This allows no leakage.

Sure Lock Spout Cap

The metal locking strap, shown above on the right side of the Thermos double walled hydration bottle, prevents accidental opening; requiring definite and intentional effort to release.  The lid remains locked throughout bumpy mountain bike rides, bottle drops, and vigorous shaking and vibration.

Nipple Free

There’s no sealing nipple that you have to pull out with the other hand in order to drink.  Simply unlocking and releasing the pop-open lid is all you have to do to access your drink of choice.

Slip-Free Hand Grip on this Thermos Water Bottle

The ridged rubber grip is located at the best place on the bottle. This makes for comfortable holding, lifting, and lowering while drinking.

Large Mouth for Easy Filling

The lid assembly screws off, as shown below, to reveal an exceptionally wide bottle mouth.  Easy to fill thus, from the kitchen sink or refrigerator cold water dispenser.  Ice cubes from our refrigerator ice maker slide right through.

Right-Sized Spout

The spout is small enough to fit into a person’s mouth. Yet it’s big enough to quickly pour liquids.  Easy to aim into the mouth for a fast gulp.

This Thermos Water Bottle is BPA Free

The metal construction of this product contains no BPA; a chemical often found in plastic water bottles, whose safety has come under scrutiny in recent years.  Stainless steel is a tried-and-true material for safely containing foods and drinks.  Adds no chemical tastes of any kind to stored liquids, even after eight hours.

No Condensation on Outside

Since the Thermos double walled water bottle keeps the cold or warmth inside, the outer wall remains near outside temperature.  It does not get cold. So condensation in humid places is all but eliminated.  Nor does it get very warm.

Simple Cleanup

The big mouth on the 2465 eases cleaning. It provides lots of room for fitting in a bottle-cleaning sponge when needed.  But, most liquids will just rinse out, and do not require wiping out or scrubbing the inner surfaces.  Easily cleaned. So, this Thermos is a highly reusable drink bottle.

Recommended Uses

The Thermos 2465 water bottle is a useful companion when hiking. Take it biking, traveling, or just have it with you while lazing outdoors in hot weather.

Five Year Limited Warranty on this Thermos Water Bottle


Typical prices for this Thermos run from $19 to $30 roughly.   Carried in supercenters, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

Picture of the Thermos double walled hydration bottle with its drink lid open.
Thermos double walled water bottle with drink cap open.

Thermos Water Bottle Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations


Though we expect some weight in a metal water bottle, the extra ounces can drag you down.  Notably heavier than plastic water bottles.  Weight is one trade-off for long-lasting coldness of the contained beverages.

You Must Pre Cool this Thermos Water Bottle for Longest Lasting Chill

You get better performance for keeping cold contents cold, if you pre-chill this bottle.  We do this by keeping our clean Thermos in the refrigerator until filling.  No big deal.

To cool it down prior to use, simply fill with cold water from the sink.  Then, let it stand for several minutes.  Then, dump the water.  Finally, fill with your desired cold drink.

May Work Better Insulating Cold Beverages

Since heat rises, the top becomes warm when a hot liquid is inside.  The lid seems not to insulate as well as the bottom of the bottle. This Thermos double walled hydration bottle keeps coldness in better than warmth.

Sealing Washer May Leak Quickly

Some reviewers have experienced frequent leakage, requiring washer replacement.  On the up-side, Thermos cheerfully provides replacements should this happen.  But hopefully in future improvements, they’ll devise a longer term fix for the leaking.  We however, have not experienced any leaking from the Thermos double walled hydration bottle.

This Thermos 2465 Hydration Water Bottle Comes from China

We’d prefer an American made product, to help keep Americans working.

Picture of the Thermos double walled hydration bottle, with its cap removed.
Thermos double walled hydration bottle with lid removed.

Our Rating on the Thermos 2465 Water Bottle

We’ve owned this Thermos double walled hydration bottle for a few years now. We’ve carried cold drinks in it lots of times on train trips and walks.  No spills.

It works as advertised.  Liquids taste as good at the end of the trip as at the start.  This high quality insulated bottle, though made in China lasts many years under good care.  It has a sturdy feel, and is small enough for most anyone to carry.  It’s a highly useful and effective product overall.  So, we’d rate it at 96 out of 100.

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