Picture of the front of the Tivo T6 DVR.

Tivo Roamio T6 DVR Review, Atlantic Broadband

We subscribed to Atlantic Broadband’s Tivo Roamio T6 DVR service in June of 2014, for the expanded recording time and slave TV features, as well as the smart program guide searching.  This is a great DVR and service too.

This DVR is state-of-the-art in terms of time-shift TV watching.  This allows recording of up to six different shows at the same time.  So, there’s no more fighting over who in the family gets to record what shows and when.

Plus, you can watch shows on multiple  TVs throughout the home at the same time. Thus, no more fighting over who gets to use the DVR.

Plus, this DVR  can stream its shows to mobile devices on the same network that the DVR is on.

There are no video tapes to store or wear out.  And the system adds many advanced program search and suggestion features that the VCR users of the 1980s and 1990s could only dream of.  No more rooting through hundreds of cassettes to find that show you saved last week.  Why not?  Because the Tivo T6 Roamio DVR stores all the recordings on either the built in hard disk drive, or on external storage drive.

Picture of the front of the DVR, showing the status lights, Tivo logo, and service provicer name..
Tivo Roamio T6 DVR, front view.


Picture of all AV, power, USB, and eSATA connections on this DVR.
The Tivo T6 Romio DVR, back view, showing all video, power, USB, and eSATA connections.


Picture of the top view of the DVR Remote Control, supplied with the Atlantic Broadband Tivo T6 DVR.
DVR Remote Control, Supplied with Atlantic Broadband Tivo Roamio T6 DVR, top view.

Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros of the Tivo Roamio T6 DVR

Onscreen Program Guide

A list of all television stations in the customer’s current subscription package can appear onscreen, in a grid, that also displays the current show for each station as well as upcoming shows.  There’s also extensive information available for each show in the system, including pictures of who stars in it, brief summaries of the selected episode, and suggestions of similar shows that you may wish to watch or record.

Needs No Phone Line

In the early days of Tivo, the DVR required use of an analog phone line, to connect to the Tivo infrastructure, update its program guides, and check subscription terms and user validly.  However today, most Tivo DVRs utilize the customer’s broadband Internet connection for that purpose.

The Tivo Roamio T6 DVR Has Excellent Video and Sound

Since DVRs like this one record audio and video in digital format, and since this unit features top-of-the-line D to A converters, you won’t be able to tell whether you’re watching a live or recorded show.  Gone are the snowy pictures of old video cassettes, with their fading and flickering colors, skewing, and the white streaks of tape dropouts.  This DVR  is totally transparent in terms of video and audio quality it captures, and you can play the recordings hundreds of times without any loss of picture or sound quality.

Can Feed Many TVs

Several people can watch their shows simultaneously in different rooms, on the same DVR, using the Tivo Mini streame, also available from Atlantic Broadband.

HD TVs Supported

Provides a fully digital high-definition port for use on any current model high definition or ultra-HD television.

Records up to Six Shows at the Same Time

You and your kids can schedule up to six shows to record at once, in the same time slot, and from different channels.

The Tivo Roamio T6 DVR Streams programs to Devices on Home Network

While connected to the same home network as your DVR, you can play stored shows on many of your network connected devices such as iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fire HDX, and Samsung Galaxy tablets and phones.  Note however, that you cannot stream actual program content when you’re away from home, but you can still schedule and delete programs on your DVR, from anywhere that you can connect to the Internet.  Both recorded and live programs can be streamed.

Download Saved Shows to Mobile Devices

While at home, you can download saved shows from this Tivo DVR to your Tivo-enabled device (app installed), and then, take the device with you and watch that show anywhere.

Free Tivo Apps

Apps are available for Android devices (Samsung, Nexus, Kindle), and iOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone).  These apps allow you to operate virtually all DVR functions from anywhere in the world where there’s Internet service, and permit in-home program streaming.

Advanced Program Search

Advanced yes, but simple to use.  You can ask for a listing, for example, of all programs currently airing, that feature the words, “love you,” in their titles.  Or, you can ask for all current and future shows in the guide, that star Johnny Carson for example.  Then you can choose to watch, record, or schedule a future recording of one or more of these shows.  You also can search through programs recorded on your DVR, and all these can be done from one place.

The Tivo Roamio T6 DVR Offers an External Storage Option for More Recording Time

Accepts certain eSATA external storage options (hard or solid state drives) that increase the amount of precious recording time.

Many Data Ports

These include…

  • Ethernet.
  • Optical digital audio out.
  • Analog stereo audio out.
  • Component video out.
  • NTSC video out.

MoCA Support

Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA).  This DVR can use your home’s existing RG-6 or RG-59 cable wiring to transfer program content to other television set top boxes (Tivo Minis) in your home.  It can also access the Internet Tivo services through MoCA, so long as your Internet modem supports MoCA, and has been correctly wired and configured for this.  When the DVR is connected to your home network via the MoCA interface, the Ethernet port on the back of the DVR provides Ethernet access to your network, just as if you were plugging directly into your router.

Ethernet Eupport

If you do not use the MoCA interface, this DVR can be configured to get its Internet services through the built-in Ethernet port on the back.

Restore Deleted Shows

If you decide after deleting a program that you’d like to watch it, you can undelete it for a short time.  Convenient feature when multiple people share the same DVR.

The Tivo Roamio T6 DVR Auto Deletes Old Programs

Can be set to delete previously watched programs, or old programs that haven’t yet been watched, in order to free up hard drive space for new recordings.

Fast Response

We rarely see, if ever, any delays when pressing the command buttons on the Tivo remote.

Social Media Support

Supports linkage with Facebook, et al. Once connected, you can share with your friends, which shows you watch, and can see what shows they watch if they also subscribe to this service.

Netflix App

Full integration with Netflix.  You can stream movies and shows through your DVR, watching them on the attached television.

Remote Control Finder

Should you lose the remote control, you can press a button on the DVR, that makes the remote play an audible tune, allowing you to listen for it around the home, and hopefully, find it.

iPad Screen Shots of the Tivo T6 Roamio DVR from Atlantic Broadband

Picture of the 'My Shows' app screen on an iOS iPad Air, of the Tivo DVR service from Atlantic Broadband.
Shows a list of some recorded shows on the Atlantic Broadband Tivo Roamio T6 DVR.


Picture of the proram guide on Atlantic Broadband's Tivo DVR service.
Channel Listing Guide, on the Tivo DVR Service from Atlantic Broadband.


Picture of the List of Upcoming Shows to be Recorded on the Tivo DVR from Atlantic Broadband.
List of Upcoming Shows to be Recorded on the Tivo T6 Roamio DVR from Atlantic Broadband.


Picture of the Browse Shows Screen, as seen on the iOS app for the Tivo DVR.
Browse Shows Screen, Tivo DVR.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations of the Tivo Roamio T6 DVR

Cannot Stream DVR Shows when Outside your Home Network

While you can schedule shows for recording from anywhere in the world so long as you have an Internet connection, you cannot stream them to your mobile device unless you’re at home, and connected to the same network as the one your DVR is on.  We’re hopeful that this limitation will be removed in the near future, as Internet upload speeds increase.

DVR Not Accessible to Blind Users

Unlike Comcast’s X1 DVR Talking Guide feature, Atlantic Broadband’s Tivo-based DVR service does not offer audible screen prompts for the blind and vision impaired users, as of this writing.

The Tivo Roamio T6 DVR Needs a Subscription Cable Provider Service to Work

Generally DVRs are tightly coupled to the cable providers and subscription services they host.  So you can’t simply plug an Atlantic Broadband DVR into a Cox or Charter cable outlet and expect it to work. This DVR is supplied as part of Atlantic Broadband’s Tivo DVR Service entertainment packages.

No Progress Sounds During Fast Forward and Rewind

When using the rewind (<<) and fast forward (>>) buttons to quickly move through a program you’re watching, this DVR completely mutes the audio.  So you can only SEE where you are in the show during these operations, but not HEAR where you are.  Big problem for vision-impaired and blind users, who must guess how long to hold down the button to skip past the commercials.  We’d suggest that, as is done with numerous ebook reading machines, that future DVR releases support fast forward and rewind audio for the blind.  Or, when the talking guide is enabled, that percentage-complete announcements be made while fast advancing or fast reviewing through shows.

Recordings on External Media Do Not Play on Other DVRs

Picture of the Tivo Mini Transceiver, Top View, used to receive and control the main Tivo DVR.
Tivo Mini Transceiver, top view.  Works with the Tivo Roamio T6 DVR.

Suggested Improvements

Global Program Streaming Support

We request that global Internet streaming support be added.  It’d be so cool to have the ability to watch programs on our home DVR, from exotic places like Singapore.

Make this DVR Accessible to Blind Users

Our Rating for the Tivo Roamio T6 DVR

We appreciate the 1000 hours of standard definition recording capacity (approximately 300 hours of HD program storage).  The service is quite reliable and low cost. Plus, the streaming stability on mobile devices works much better these days, as they release new updates.  Atlantic Broadband DVR service is now a big part of our home entertainment system. We’re indeed quite pleased with the high-tech workmanship that went into it. So we’d rate the Tivo T6 Roamio DVR service at 94 out of 100.

Atlantic Broadband Phone Number

To sign up or for more information, call Atlantic Broadband at the customer service phone number provided here.  Enter your zip code at that site to get the telephone number for the service center serving your local area.

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