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Winamp Player Free Download, Old Versions

The Winamp Player is an easy-to-work software based media file player that we used on DJ gigs to play music files to the crowds. But new stable  Winamp versions stopped coming out some years back.  Yet fortunately, the older ones still run, for the most part, on the latest Windows versions. Also, fortunately, we saved off the last few Winamp versions, So we offer these free Winamp player download files here, until (if ever) they start releasing Winamp updates once again.

Indeed we still run Winamp version 5.66 on Windows 10 computers without problems.  So that we don’t lose the download packages, we’ve posted all the Windows versions we have here.

These are all use-at-your-own-risk.  Thus, we assume no responsibility for any damages you incur from your use of or inability to use this software.

Picture of the Winamp Play menu item, pointed to by the pink arrow. Winamp player free download.
Winamp Play Menu Item, pointed to by the pink arrow.

Download Free Full Winamp Player Version Links

Picture of the Winamp Play URL menu item. Winamp Player Free Download.
The Winamp Play URL menu item.

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