XHose Expanding Garden Hose Review

The   XHose Expanding Water Hose   for lawn and garden purposes appears to be fairly well-constructed with rigid fittings and two-ply, flexible, and of course, EXPANDING hose.

It has an inner rubber tube that does the bulk of the expanding and contracting, and an outer cloth (web) shell to help strengthen and protect the inner hose.

Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

Useful in large lawns and gardens.  For my 2-acre plot of land, a 75-foot long hose like the XHose is helpful, although I wish now that I’d bought the 100-foot version.  It comes in 25, 50, 75, and 100 foot lengths.

Lasting inner construction.  It has a super strong rubber inner tube for greater strength and flexibility, along with an outer web shell for added strength.

Grows when you turn on the water.  This hose expands (lengthens) when you apply water pressure to it, expanding up to three times its empty size.

It’s light weight when empty.  The 25 foot version weights just about one pound without any water inside.

Resists kinking, tangling, knotting, and twisting,   so you spend less time unraveling it when you go to water your garden, wash your car, or hose down your porch.

Retains flexibility even when full of water.  It’s also surprisingly flexible, even when pressurized.

Purported to be heavy duty.  They classify this hose as heavy-duty.  But compared to the much thicker but admittedly less flexible, truly heavy-duty garden hoses I own, I’d classify this product as medium to light duty.  So it may be more susceptible to punctures and tears.

Non slip fabric outer surface.  The texture of the outer jacket helps ease gripping of this hose.  It’s not slippery; not even when wet.  Nor is it very rough.  So it will not cause abrasions on your hands when handling this hose for hours on end.

Retracts quickly back to original dry size.  It contracts quickly back to its original size within seconds of turning off the water supply. It gets so small and light that you can hold the entire empty hose in your two hands.

Shrinks to less than half the full size.  The 25-foot length of this garden hose shrinks to just 9 feet, the 50 foot version shrinks to 18.5 feet, the 75-foot version shrinks to just 28 feet, and the 100-foot version shrinks down to a mere 37 feet.

Less effort to drag this hose around.  Its lightweight construction makes washing your car or watering your lawn much less of a struggle.  It’s so much lighter (even when pressurized) than more conventional garden hoses.

Includes shutoff valve.  It comes with a built-in on-off valve so that you can expand the hose by applying the water pressure, without spraying water all over the place, and without a separate nozzle that normally supplies the valve.  However, this valve could become cumbersome and a source of problems if you’ve already got a valve-equipped nozzle.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations

Durability and ruggedness is suspect.  I’m not sure just how heavy-duty this expanding garden hose from XHose.  Since it’s so light, I’m skeptical about its long-term durability.

Expensive.  Plus, the 75-foot version costs just as much as I paid for my FLEXON garden hose, and you must also pay additional costs for shipping and handling.

Only available online and by phone.  Not available in stores, and can only be purchased via telephone or the Internet.

Warranty conditions unclear.  I could find no long-term warranty.

Washer may fall out.  Be careful not to lose the sealing washer in the female end.  It can come out sometimes unexpectedly.

They recommend turning off and draining this garden accessory each time you use it in the user’s guide (link below).  This could become a pain, since I always keep a pressurized hose on standby during the summer in my yard, for rapid watering and cleaning.  Other hoses stand up better it seems, to this constant pressurization.

Susceptible to heat and / or sun damage.  Do not leave the hose in the sun for extended periods.  Shade is recommended as much as possible.

For cold water use only.  Not intended to conduct hot water.

Outdoor storage discouraged.  Should be stored indoors during winter months, to mitigate the possibility of it freezing and developing leaks as a result.

Becomes dirty looking quickly.  Being made of a cloth-like fabric, this initially brightly colored hose can turn dingy and dull in appearance in short time.  Does not resist dirt well.  However, this does not impact its expandability or functionality in general.

Not domestically manufactured.  Made in China.

Our Rating

The price seems a bit high for all the more material you get in this lawn hose.  But then again, I’m paying for it to have less material.  I’d rate this garden hose at 88 out of 100.  It’s very convenient but seems a bit cheap and gimmicky to me.  However, though a little pricey, it’s not so expensive that you should not try it at all.  Who knows?  You may find that its usability in your situation in fact, justifies the higher purchase cost.

Where To Buy The XHose Expanding Water Hose

Buy it exclusively at the official website (see the References section below).


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