Picture of the Zircon Stud Sensor E50 stud finder detector, shown sideways.

Zircon Stud Sensor e50 Stud Finder Detector Review

Some years back, we  bought the Zircon Stud Sensor e50 stud finder detector. Why?  Because we needed it to ease finding the beams (studs) in the walls at home. It worked great in our electric baseboard heater upgrade project.

For the cost of $25, this device saved lots of guessing where the studs were before drilling.   Besides, it never misled us about the beams.  Where it found an empty cavity behind the wall, that turned out to be true.  There was indeed an empty cavity.  Thus, we never wrongly cut into a stud while using the Zircon e50 to check for studs first.  So this is quite the handy stud detector for the do-it-yourselfer at home. Our uses of this friendly tool follow, in this Zircon e50 review.

Picture of the Zircon Stud Sensor e50 Stud Finder Detector, front view.
Zircon Stud Sensor e50 Stud Finder Detector, front view.

Zircon Stud Sensor e50 Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

High Tech Stud Sensing

This is NOT your pap’s magnetic stud finder.  The e50 employs state-of-the-art field generation methods.   Then, couple that with computer aided data interpretation techniques.  From these, you get precise location of beams within most walls, well over ninety percent of the time.

Finds Studs in Thick Walls

Even in those older homes, with the notably thick plaster walls, the Zircon e50 Stud Sensor tool worked well.  It easily found the studs behind those walls.

No Moving Parts

The Zircon e50 detects studs electronically.  This increases accuracy.

It works on most types and make ups of in-wall beams and supports, so long as they are more dense than the wall itself.  The studs need be neither magnetic nor metallic.  So most wood and metal studs show up on this handy tool.  The e50 uses a more advanced sensing system than those older magnetic stud finders.

Displays Image of What’s in the Wall

Using the built-in screen, finding obstructions in the wall, like pipes, beams, and electrical wiring was a synch.  It finds stud edges and centers too.

Ergonomic Design

The StudSensor e50 fits into the hand very well.  It’s comfortable to use for longer periods without fatigue.

High Depth Stud Sensing

The deep scan feature proved most helpful for those extra deep walls. It doubles the depth that this stud finder can “see” into walls. Thus, it  find studs, from three quarters of an inch to one and a half inches beneath wall surfaces.

Finds Beam Edges

We used the Stud Edge Finder feature quite often, to mark on the wall each edge of the stud.  Again, we saw no false readings.

When the e50 finds the stud edges, it projects a red arrow onto the wall.  You can then mark this with a pencil, which the exact spot of each stud edge. Then, you place your screw, nail, or anchor over the exact center of the stud. This gives max holding strength.

Finds High Voltage House Wiring

This stud sensor also alerts the user to AC power wiring within the wall.  So it can “see” unshielded power cables in the wall as deep as two inches.  Thus, this feature improves the safety of any handy man.  How?  Because it lowers the chances that he’ll cut into a live wire inside the wall.

Finds Most any Stud

The Zircon e50 finds both wood and metal studs.

Battery Powered

It uses an easy-to-find 9-volt battery. In casual use, the battery lasts a few years.  In fact, the battery may leak before actually gong dead in this tool.  So be sure to write the date that you last put in a fresh battery. Then replace when the battery’s expiration date passes.

Low Priced

They priced this Zircon stud finder reasonably.

High Quality Craftsmanship

This stud detector is part of a complete line of wood, metal, and water finding tools.  Further, these have a rich level of design and experience of the Zircon company.  This Zircon product is indeed expert at useful aids for finding things inside walls, ceilings, and floors, both drywall and concrete.

Picture of the Zircon e-50 Stud Finder Operating Instructions, printed on bottom of unit.
Zircon e-50 Stud Finder Operating Instructions, printed on bottom of unit.

Zircon Stud Sensor e50 Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations

Sometimes Misses AC Power Lines

The e50 does not always find AC power wires. Further, when it does, the readings can get confusing.  So this makes finding the AC power cable exact location harder.

Constant Power Button Pressing Needed

You must hold the power button in while moving the e50 across the wall, looking for studs inside.  So this can fatigue the pressing finger.  A locking button that would allow press-free scanning would be a welcome change.

Internal Memory on the Zircon Stud Sensor e50 is Too Volatile

Releasing the power button causes the unit to forget the current calibration.  But it only takes roughly two seconds to re calibrate.  For example, you do that simply by pressing and holding the power button again.

Our Rating of the Zircon Stud Sensor e50 Stud Finder

We very much like the e50 stud finder.  So, we highly suggest this tool to anyone who works with walls.  These include picture or drapery hangers, electricians, plumbers, and so on.  The up front cost seems a bit high.  But the time savings you get gives you back your money many times over.  So we rate this stud finder at 95 out of 100. It’s a great product.

Where To Buy The Zircon Stud Sensor e50 Stud Finder Detector 

Look for it in the plastic hanging package with the blue label.  The e50 itself is a deep yellow or amber color.  The space and weight of this stud finder in your tool boxes is well-worth the savings in time and money. Further, it gives you confidence that you will not cut into a wrong object inside the wall.  So go and get a Zircon e50, and you’ll never make THAT mistake again.

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