The -Power- button on the Sony SRS XB33 speaker.

Sony SRS XB33 Power Button Not Working

When the Power button on your Sony SRS XB33 speaker is not working, this likely means one or more things as follows.

    1. Dead Battery.  The internal battery is empty needs a recharge for continued speaker operation. Use a widely available USB-C charger to do this.
    2. Faulty AC Adapter.  The power adapter charger is defective.  So replace it with an adapter that delivers 5 volts, at 3.0 amps (15 watts).
    3. Faulty Power Port.  The DC input USB-C port for charging the speaker may be bent, corroded, or otherwise damaged, an often-seen on this model. So replace this if you have the necessary skills.
    4. Bad Battery. That battery no longer recharges due to extreme age, repeatedly overcharging, very long storage, or heavy use. Replace the battery in this case with one that delivers 7.4 volts at 2,700 milliamp hours (19.98 watt-hours).
    5. Dirty Button Panel.  The button panel has sand, dirt, or other debris preventing the Power button from making decent contact when you press it. For this, you can, if so skilled, clean the switches by disassembling the speaker, and blowing or brushing out the contact area.
    6. Button Panel Has Failed.  The switch panel is defective, and the solution here is to replace it. These parts are often available on eBay.
    7. Faulty Speaker. Your speaker is broken beyond repair. If you determine this, then the best bet is just to get a new speaker.
Picture of the Sony SRS XB33 speaker, connected to charger and charging.
The Sony SRS XB33 speaker, connected to charger and charging.

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