How to Pair Wonderboom Speaker

This post shows how to pair Wonderboom speaker with common Bluetooth devices. First, start with your speaker shut OFF (all dark LEDs). Then, follow along to pair it with most any Bluetooth source device.  In this demo, we show how pairing works on our iPad Air mobile computer. But like procedures work for iPhones, iPods, … Continue reading How to Pair Wonderboom Speaker

How to Charge Wonderboom Speaker

Covers how to charge a Wonderboom wireless Bluetooth speaker easily. Use the hidden micro USB charge port on the back of the speaker, near the bottom. So here, we run through the charging instructions for this “big sounding” portable speaker. In short, first select a powerful enough USB power adapter. Why? Because Logitech does not … Continue reading How to Charge Wonderboom Speaker

Wonderboom Speaker Charger

A decent Wonderboom speaker charger is a USB AC charger that supplies at least 2.1 amps at 5 volts (12 watts or more). Note that currently, Ultimate Ears does not provide a compatible USB charger with its Wonderboom speaker.  So, you’ll need to buy one elsewhere.  These usually cost between ten and forty US dollars. … Continue reading Wonderboom Speaker Charger