Picture of the Google Home speaker rear view, showing the Mic Mute button (near top) and pilot lamp hole (near bottom, above the G logo).

Does Original Google Home Smart Speaker Have Bluetooth Yet? Yes, it Does

The Google Home smart speaker now offers the ability to act as a Bluetooth speaker.  You can connect your iPad, iPod, or other Bluetooth audio source  to the Google Home speaker, and then play music on your device, and have it come out of the Google speaker.

However, there still appears to be no way to pair an external Bluetooth speaker to the Google Home speaker, as of yet.  So far, we find no mention of transmitting Google Home audio content to a Bluetooth speaker, or settings for it, in the Google Home app.

Currently Google offers Chromecast on the Google speaker, that allows you to stream audio and video content from the various audio services to your Chromecast-enabled televisions, speakers, and other media player devices, much as you’d do if your were streaming your media to a plane-Jane Bluetooth speaker.  Perhaps they figured that Chromecast would be a decent replacement for generic Bluetooth capability.  However, you can’t cast content via Chromecast to a speaker that does not support Chromecast.  So, you’ll be unable to play content from Google supported media services to these simpler Bluetooth speakers.

So, we’re hoping that in addition to Chromecast, Google will also provide the more generic Bluetooth function (“casting” to a speaker via Bluetooth) in future firmware and / or hardware releases of this speaker.  We’ll keep watching for this functionality, and will document it here once Google releases the necessary updates to the Google Home app and device firmware and / or hardware in the smart speaker itself.

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Revision History

  • 2017-03-29: Originally published.
  • 2017-20-26: Updated to reflect the new Bluetooth capability added to the Google Home ecosystem over the summer.  Converted links from http to https.