Electric Cable Ceiling Heat Pros and Cons

Many houses built during the 1960s and 1970s, in areas not served by natural gas suppliers, incorporated electric cable ceiling heat as the primary means of keeping the interiors warm during the cold months of the year.  The house builders, before installing the plaster or drywall to form the ceilings, would install electric resistance heating … Continue reading Electric Cable Ceiling Heat Pros and Cons

Installing Baseboard Heaters Instructions

Installing baseboard heaters can be a fun project.  Why? Because it’s not too advanced (and therefore, not too disheartening). Then after it’s done, you get a much warmer room for your winter time naps. The theory of operation is easy to understand, and even the complexities of digital thermostats has been hidden from the end … Continue reading Installing Baseboard Heaters Instructions

Electric Heat Pros and Cons

Electric heating is one of the easiest ways to keep your home warm during cold winter spells.  In this piece, we discuss the many electric heat pros and cons.  Many down sides to this mode of heating including higher fuel costs.  But many up sides as well. E.g. No carbon monoxide. Easy to install. Low … Continue reading Electric Heat Pros and Cons