Picture of the Jasco High Current USB Power Adapter, showing the case label and retractable AC plug prongs, in the retracted position.

GE Jasco USB Charger Review, Y14 Dual Port 2.1 Amp

The GE Jasco 2.1 Amp USB Charger, model Y14, is one of the cheapest high-current USB wall adapters we know.

At under $14 per copy, this AC USB adapter charges even the highest demand tablet computers, and does so about as quickly as the stock chargers that come with these devices.  It’s got some real muscle, and this home charger can replace just about any stock charger, without sacrificing performance.  Yet it often costs only about half the price of a stock adapter. We’ve used ours mostly every day over the past year or so, and it charges now, just as quickly as it did when we first bought it.  It seems therefore, to be quite electronically reliable.

Picture of the GE Jasco Y14 2.1 amp USB Charger Adapter, plugged in, showing the built in LED night light.
GE Jasco Y14 2.1 amp USB Charger Adapter, plugged in, showing the built in LED night light.

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages of this GE Jasco USB Charger

Low Cost

You can buy for less than $14.

Built In Blue Night Light

LED illuminated faceplate, with the USB power ports.  This lamp is bright enough to light up a bedroom enough to see your way around.  Makes this charger easy to find in darkness too, like when it’s behind a desk or under a table.

Retractable AC Plug Prongs

The AC prongs fold into slots in the rugged white plastic case, protecting them from bending and damage, and making for simple storage of the charger.

Silent Running 

No buzzing, humming, whistling, and only very small frying sounds are heard while this is plugged in and charging a device.

No Radio Interference

Little, if any, interference to AM radio was observed.

Easy to Plug In and Out

The case is large enough to grasp easily, but not so big that it covers the second receptacle in a 2-receptacle outlet.  Compact design, for sure.

2.1 Amps

Provides up to 2.1 amps of USB charging current.  We often charge our Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T900 (very large tablet computer) with the Y-14. We’ve also successfully charged iPads, iPods, many smart phones, and Kindle Fire HDX tablets with this nightlight / charger combo.

Stable Voltage Output

Voltage regulation appears quite good over the entire range of drawn currents.  Holds very steady at 5 volts output.

Cool to Luke Warm Operation

The Y-14 gets somewhat warm while charging.  But never does it get too hot to handle.

Dual Port USB Power

You get one high current and one normal current USB port.

Reliable Switch Mode Technology

Features switching power supply technology, which makes this unit very compact and light, yet capable of delivering the hefty current needed to power today’s most demanding USB mobile devices.

Works with Standard North American AC Outlets

Input is 100-240 volts AC 60Hz, 0.3 amps.  Output is 5 volts DC, at 2.1 amps max.

RoHS Compliant

90-day Limited Warranty

Picture of the Jasco High Current USB Power Adapter, showing the case label and retractable AC plug prongs, in the retracted position.
Jasco High Current USB Power Adapter, showing the case label and retractable plug prongs, in the retracted position.

Problems, Cons, Disadvantages, and Limitations with this GE Jasco USB Charger

The Two Ports are Not the Same

The sum total USB current is 2.1 amps, spread across the two USB ports.  If you’re charging a 2.1 amp device in one port, there’ll be little current left for any device plugged into the other.  In this way, the ports “interfere” with each other.  Not completely isolated from one another.

Only Charges One high-Current USB Device at Once

That’s true even though this adapter has two USB ports.

No Charge Cables Included

Indoor Use Only

Our Rating

Charging devices nearly every night with the GE Y14 dual USB charger has never left us disappointed.  Devices always charged fully, and lasted the full time per charge, as documented in their users guides.  We’re pleased with how well this wall charger performs, and yet it costs so little.  Thanks to this unit, we never order stock charger replacements for our mobile devices anymore.  This is a well-designed and well-constructed USB appliance, and so, we’d rate it at 96 out of 100.

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