Picture of the Monster Digital, Coppa Series 16 GB flash drive, close up view.

Monster Digital USB Drive 16GB. Flash Drive Review

Purchased the Monster Coppa Digital USB Drive, 16 GB version, at Rite Aid, to save some scanned pictures.  We’ve since used this thumb drive for that and other purposes too.  We found it easy to work (just plug it into a computer).  Plus since we’ve had it for years now, have never experienced any data loss or errors from it.  Quite pleased with this Coppa.  So here’s our Monster Coppa digital USB drive review, in which we found far more good things to say about this product than bad.

The device installed without problems, received copied data as quickly as other high speed USB storage drives we’ve tested, and is easy to locate, plug in, and use.  This drive accepted several gigabytes of data without producing a single error.

This Monster Coppa digital USB drive gives new life to the “sneaker net” means of sharing data amongst friends, teachers, bosses, and so on, that was done widely in the 1980s and 1990s.  Almost as cheap as yesterday’s floppies, thumb drives like the Coppa ones, are quickly loaded with data.  Then given their small size and weight, can easily be carried from place to place, on foot, just as those sneaker-wearing couriers did three decades ago with floppies.

Picture of the USB Flash Drive, Coppa Series, by Monster Digital.
Coppa Series High Speed Flash Drive from Monster Digital.

Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features of the Monster Coppa Digital USB Drive 

Supports USB 2.0

This gives  high speed data transfers to and from the drive.

Works with Both Windows and Apple Computers

Pre Formatted with FAT32 

Comes pre-formatted with the FAT32 file system, for wide-spread compatibility across computers running most any version of Windows or Mac OS.

Attached Cover

This cover protects the USB connector when not in use. Besides, being attached, you won’t lose the cover.

Lanyard Hole on this Monster Digital USB Drive

Thumb drives in general are rather small in size, and so, are often misplaced.  But this Coppa USB storage device has an opening in the connector cover. Through this you can thread a lanyard or other form of necklace or string.  Or you can route a key chain through here to prevent loss.

Many Storage Sizes Available

Available capacities are 4, 8, 16, and 32 GB currently.

Power / Data Transfer Lamp

Has a built-in light that shows that power is applied, and blinks during data transfers.

Cool Operation

Produces very little heat; so that means very little wasted power.  Use this in your battery-powered laptop or notebook computers, without fear that it will increase the drain on your batteries.  Current draw is nearly negligible. .

This Monster Digital USB Drive is RoHS Compliant

Supports Fast File Copying

Data transfer speeds were as snappy quick as expected for a USB 2.0 storage device.

Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Given how quickly people seem to outgrow their storage devices these days, it’s useful that Monster Digital offers a limited lifetime warranty with this product.

Wear Leveling Support

Supports wear leveling, both static and dynamic, which further extends the life of the internal flash memory.  The built in circuitry evenly distributes block writes through the entire space on this drive.  This prevents premature failure often caused by writing too much to the same block area.

No Other Drivers Needed

A Monster Coppa digital USB drive needs no additional or special drivers or software to be installed when employing on a Windows based computer.

Neither Magnetic Fields Nor X-Rays Erase This Drive

Data stored herein are not easily erased or corrupted by exposure to magnetic fields; unlike floppies or data tapes.

Easy to Handle and Keep Track Of

Bigger than the SD (Secure Digital) family of memory cards, and so, is more difficult to lose. Way bigger than Micro SD devices as well.

The Monster Digital USB Drive is Great for Archival Data Storage

Though data transfer speeds may be more limited with this USB device as compared with class 10 and higher SD cards, these thumb drives are nonetheless well-suited for archival data storage, and are plenty fast enough for streaming audio and most video content.

Widely Available

Easily replaced with a bigger USB drive when you need more storage.  This is owing to the USB standard itself and the high degree of interoperability and interchanging of USB devices.  That’s why USB thumb drives like this Monster Coppa digital USB drive are found practically everywhere in so many IT functions.

Picture of the Monster Digital Coppa High Speed USB Flash Drive, 16 GB Model, back of the original packaging.
Monster Digital Coppa High Speed USB Flash Drive, 16 GB Model

Problems, Cons, Limitations, and Disadvantages of the Monster Coppa Digital USB Drive 

Perhaps a Little Long

The body of this flash drive spans more than an inch, and when plugged in, protrudes from the USB port almost two inches.  So, take care not to move the host computer with this USB drive plugged in.  This could snap off or otherwise damage this drive, if you pass too close by a wall or corner while carrying the computer.

No USB 3.0 Support

This particular model does not support USB 3.0 transfer speeds, although Monster Digital does offer flash drives that do.

Our Rating on the Monster Coppa Digital USB Drive

They price this line of high speed flash drives on the cheap side.  Plus, it’s available at Rite Aid, Crutchfield, and Amazon.com and other brick and online retail outlets.  Price swing is large for this product across retailers in our experience, anything from $6 to $20.  So do shop around for the best deals.  With faster speeds, higher storage capacity, and notably superior durability, why would you not replace your older disc storage mediums with thumb drives like this one from Monster Digital?

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