Picture of the 6300452 Talking Digital Alarm Clock by RadioShack.

Radio Shack 6300452 Talking LCD Alarm Clock Review

Bought this portable   Radio Shack Talking Alarm Clock, model #6300452   while visiting the local Radio Shack electronics store in 2012.

Thrilling to see that Radio Shack is once again carrying digital talking clocks, as their prices on them are generally cheaper than what you find at the visual aids stores online.  This is another fully accessible, voice enabled clock, that announces the current time of day as well as the alarm settings, with clear and pleasing female vocals.  At under $15, almost anyone can afford one, and even if you’re very rich, you could still benefit from the ease of operation of this clock, especially if you are vision challenged or sightless.

Picture of the 6300452 Talking Digital Alarm Clock by RadioShack.
RadioShack Talking Digital Clock 6300452

Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features

This is a highly accessible clock for the blind and vision impaired.  All featured can be operated by the blind with the five buttons on the top and the volume control on the right side. These include time and alarm setting, selection of alarm sound (cuckoo, rooster, or beeps), hourly time announce, current time announce, snooze, alarm on off toggle, and reset operations.  The clock provides audible feedback via voice prompts and tones as the time and alarm-setting functions are actuated.

It has a large, high-contrast digital display that remains active at all times, so that sighted or low-vision folks can see the current time without having to press the button.

The voice is quite clear and is audible tens of feet away when the three-position volume control is set to maximum.

The unit is battery-powered by two AA alkaline batteries, that can last over a year.

It keeps accurate time.  We ran it alongside the DVR for a couple of weeks, and the two clocks never got out of sync.

A bright amber LED backlight illuminates the display for nearly five seconds each time the TALKING/SNOOZE/LIGHT button is pressed.

This digital clock can also be configured to announce the time hourly, at the top of each hour.

The speaker, located at the back, is less than an inch in diameter but is surprisingly loud. When positions near to and facing a wall, the wall reflects the voice sounds back into the room for great across-the-room clarity.

Visual icons are supplied on the display to show when hourly announce and alarm features are turned on.

When stopping the alarm sound, you do not have to turn the alarm completely off on this unit.  You can still do that if desired.  But if you want to just stop the current alarm but still have it sound again the next day, then just press the stop-alarm-for-24-hours button (the MIN button).  With this feature, you need not remember to turn the alarm back on for the next day.

Factory default settings can be restored by pressing the recessed reset button with a sharp object.

The talk feature is nice for even fully sighted people, who do not want to have to look at the clock to get the time.  They can just press the TALKING/SNOOZE/LIGHT button to hear the time.  This is the biggest of the five buttons on the top of the unit.  So it’s quite easy to locate, even in the dark.

The unit weighs in at just 5.6 ounces, and that’s with the batteries installed.  So it makes a great travel clock; just pack it so that the buttons are not inadvertently pressed by vibration and shock during travel.  Otherwise, the batteries may be run down by the time you reach your destination.

We paid $20 for this talking clock, which seemed reasonable and affordable for such a device.  No need for an extended warranty, though one was offered.

Disadvantages, Problems, Limitations, and Cons

Be sure to remove the batteries before packing this clock into a backpack or suitcase, lest you hear it repeatedly chiming while riding in a bumpy train or car.  The motion can press the talk button.

While the amber backlight does not uniformly illuminate the LCD display, there is sufficient brightness over the entire screen to see all the numbers in complete darkness.

Neither displays nor announces the current date.  No calendar functions whatsoever.

Our Rating

I like this talking clock.  It’s cheap, easy to operate, fully accessible to the blind, lasts a long time before requiring battery replacement, and its voice is clear and loud (if desired).  A big thumbs-up to Radio Shack for once again offering such a useful and affordable clock for the vision impaired.  I’d rate this device at 95 out of 100.

Where To Buy The Radio Shack 6300452 Talking Alarm Clock

Now that most if not all Radio Shack stores have closed their doors, you may have to look for this clock as a used item online, at eBay or Amazon.  Look for the silver trim on the front that surrounds the easy-to-read LCD display, with the black and shiny case.  It comes in a gray, red, and white box, with an accompanying users guide inside.

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