Yes You Can Wash Toms, How To Instructions

While I do not own a pair of Toms shoes myself and never have, my friends who do tell me that Toms Shoes care is pretty straight forward, and they supplied me these Toms Washing Instructions.  They assure me that you indeed can safely wash Toms shoes in the washing machine, and tell many success stories of doing just that.  These instructions take a conservative approach to the washing, to minimize the risk of damaging the Toms while still getting them very clean.  Here’s how to wash toms safely.


Toms Pretreatment Instructions

Whatever way you decide to wash your Toms, be sure to clean off any dust, dried mud, or other surface dirt from the under-soles and sides first.  You can use a brush while pre soaking to remove the grub.  Start off with soaking in COLD water, and then, progress to warm water only if some larger chunks of dirt remain.


Toms Machine Washing Instructions

I’d actually only use the washer on heavily soiled or smelly Toms.  For such situations, use standard temperature warm or hot water (if the shoes are really dirty) on your washer, the gentle cycle only, and apply your favorite laundry detergent after the machine is half full.  Let the detergent mix with the water a little, and then add the shoes.  This step assures that any strong chemicals in the soap have been diluted sufficiently, to safeguard the Toms.

Then, let the washing machine run through its most gentle cycle and when it’s done, remove the Toms, and air dry them.


Toms Hand Washing Instructions

For lightly soiled Toms, there’s no need to risk damaging them in the washer however, as they can be effectively hand-washed at the kitchen sink in cold water with a mild soap.  The manufacturer recommends hand washing the Toms.  Rinse them off and then sit them in some warm place to air dry until all signs of wetness have gone.  Avoid using cleaning chemicals any harsher than laundry soap that contains no bleach.


Toms Drying Instructions

Air dry your Toms, but not in direct sunlight, as this might make their delicate colors fade.

If you need to wear them quickly, put them in the dryer, but only on low heat, or on the air-dry setting.  Some recommend throwing a few damp towels in with them so that the Toms are not constantly thumping hard against the dryer tumbler walls and louvers.  With the towels, they wear less.


Warnings And Disclaimers

Avoid putting any un-diluted soaps, baking soda, or any other chemical directly on your Toms shoes, as many items like this can easily damage the shoes or cause the colors to fade, or the leather to dry out and crack.

Also, these cleaning procedures are only recommendations and are not offered as “the correct” way to wash Toms.  The author is not liable for shoes that are damaged by following these recommendations.




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