Picture of a WonderBoom UE Bluetooth speaker with an Alexa Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Hard Reset

Here, we give Ultimate Ears Wonderboom hard reset directions. These restore the default settings.  Factory resetting works as follows.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom hard reset wipes any memorized Bluetooth devices from memory. Clearing this data prevents the unit from pairing to any nearby Bluetooth devices afterwards. Plus, you might do this to re gift the the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom.  Or, you just wish  to stop its auto pairing with devices you no longer play through lt.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Hard Reset: Step by Step

1. Turn on the Ultimate Ears

Press and release the  Power  button.  The status lamp in that button lights and you hear a power-up sound. We’ve circled the  Power  button in the next picture.

Picture of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom top view. Showing the dark -Power- button.
The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom top view. Showing the dark -Power- button.

Then, the status light comes on solid or it blinks, as shown next.

Picture of the glowing -Power- button.
The glowing -Power- button.

2. Wait for the Power Up Sound

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom makes a unique sounding turn-on noise. The UE is then ready for hard reset when this sound finishes.  It may or may not pair with a device.  That depends on whether you have any in-range Bluetooth devices that know about this Ultimate Ears and that it have previously paired with as well.  Whether paired or not, hard reset works the same way, as follows.

3. Be Sure the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom is Not Paired

This Ultimate Ears unit does not reply to reset requests while connected with a source Bluetooth device. So, unpair the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom before hard resetting.

4. Press the  Power  and the   Volume DOWN  Button Together for Up to Eight Seconds

Find the  Power  and Volume DOWN   buttons.  The   Power button is on the top, near the front.  Volume DOWN   is the long vertical line on the front, near the bottom.  See these both pointed out by the green arrows in the next picture.

Picture of the Power- and -Volume DOWN- buttons.
The Power- and -Volume DOWN- buttons.

Ultimate Ears then enters hard reset.  Then, in a few seconds, the unit powers off when the reset wraps up. The falling electronic kar-plunk sound goes off. Then the status light in the  Power  button goes dark.

5. Check that your Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Did Indeed Hard Reset

Next, power on the unit again, as detailed in step 1 above.

After a hard reset, Ultimate Ears comes up in ready-to-pair mode again, with the pairing lamp rapidly flashing white.

6. Done with Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Hard Reset !

Reset is done now. So go ahead and let someone else use the speaker. Or pair it once more with your favorite Bluetooth devices.

After a hard reset, the Wonderboom no longer auto connects with any prior paired Bluetooth devices. Thus, to set up automatic BT pairing, you pair by hand the Ultimate Ears with your desired device(s). Then any time that both the unit and device have Bluetooth turned on, pairing again occurs without you having to do anything.

Don’t forget to delete any now-stale connections to the Wonderboom from your source Bluetooth devices that you set up prior to resetting.  These will no longer work.  So you’ll want to “forget” them in your source device’s settings pages.

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