Picture of the Honeywell RTH9580WF WiFi Smart Thermostat, displaying the Home screen.

Honeywell Thermostat Models Review

We’ve reviewed several Honeywell Thermostats on this site, from the line voltage programmable models for baseboard heat, up through the latest in their smart wireless remote thermostat offerings.  Below, find a summary and picture of each one tested so far.  We’ll add more here as we test more.


Honeywell Line Voltage Thermostats

RLV310A Baseboard Heat Digital Thermostat

Picture of the Honeywell 5-2 Thermostat RLV310A, Mounted and Operating.
Honeywell 5-2 Thermostat RLV310A, Mounted and Operating

The Honeywell RLV310A thermostat provides non programmable yet strictly electronic control of electric baseboard heaters.  No clicking relays or micro switches.  So this is an excellent choice for heating control in bedrooms, libraries, and other places where quiet consistency must be maintained.  The RLV310A maintains a tightly controlled room temperature, with just barely perceptible temperature swings between OFF and ON temps.  Se our review   here.


Honeywell RLV430A 5-2 Programmable Line Voltage Thermostat

The RLV430A provides all-electronic, solid state, precision control of your electric baseboard heating, featuring rapid on-off cycling of the electric baseboard units.  It offers 5-2 mode scheduling (five week days in one program group, and the two weekend days in another group), and it never becomes stuck in the ON or OFF position, like some cheaper electro-mechanical thermostats can.  So you can program one heating temperature schedule on the weekend days (Saturday and Sunday), and another for the week days (Monday thru Friday).  The advanced program controls are hidden behind the front cover.  Read our complete review here.


Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostats

RTH9580WF Intelligent WiFi Thermostat

Picture of the Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat RTH9580WF, home screen view.
Honeywell WiFi Smart Thermostat RTH9580WF, home screen view.

The RTH9580WF intelligent thermostat is one of Honeywell’s first full-color touch screen models, offering seven-day scheduling in four individually programmable daily periods.  It can be remotely controlled via the Internet and the Honeywell Total Comfort Connect web site, and features notably quiet operation, low temperature differentials throughout the home when installed correctly, and its settings appear in plain English on its high contrast full-color screen.  No need to look up parameter codes in the manual when you want to change a particular operating characteristic.    See our complete review   here.

RTH8580WF Internet Controlled Thermostat

Picture of the Honeywell RTH8580WF Thermostat operating normally, prior to reset to factory defaults.
Honeywell RTH8580WF Thermostat operating normally, prior to reset to factory defaults.

The RTH8580WF is one of Honeywell’s first thermostats that can be accessed and controlled via their Total Comfort Connect web site.  It offers separate programming of each of the seven days in the week.  Or, you can program them in one or more groupings.  This WiFi thermostat features a large green touch screen with black characters, and offers a surprisingly robust set of adjustments and operation modes.  It can control most types of furnaces and central air conditioning systems that offer 24-volt control interfaces, and is still widely available for purchase on the Internet.  Read our full review   here.

Honeywell Programmable Non WiFi Thermostats

RTH7600D Low Voltage Digital Thermostat

Picture of an installed and operating RTH7600D Programmable Thermostat by Honeywell.
Honeywell Programmable Thermostat RTH7600D

The Honeywell RTH7600D programmable thermostat provides 7-day scheduling of daytime and night time temperature settings.  It’s bright green touch screen, easy to read, facilitates quick access to all schedules and settings.  The accompanying documentation concisely leads the reader through the process of installing it, setting it up, connecting it to WiFi, programming it, and accessing it through the Total Comfort Connect web site.  Read our review of the RTH7600D   here.

Honeywell Non Programmable Analog Thermostats

T87N1026 Large Dial Analog Looking Thermostat

Picture of the installed Honeywell Large Dial Thermostat, T87N1026.
Honeywell Large Dial Thermostat, T87N1026

The T87N1026 features a built-in spring-type thermometer with a larger-than-usual, high-contrast temperature scale, and a huge temperature setting wheel with notches around its outer edges for more true turning, and when you turn, it clicks in two-degree increments.  This is a great thermostat for low-dexterity and low-vision folks who still want to be able to precisely control the temperature.  The TT87N1026 can control most any low-voltage heating / cooling system.  See our full review   here.

We’ll add more models to this piece as we review them.

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