Picture of the installed Honeywell Large Dial Thermostat, T87N1026.

Honeywell Dial Thermostat Pictures

Here, we include the Honeywell dial thermostat pictures we took that detail our experiences with installing, testing, and reviewing them.

Honeywell T87N1026 Large Dial Thermostat Pictures

Though it looks like an old fashioned dial thermostat, the T87N1026 is all electronic inside. No sensor springs or mercury switches. Yet another change from the past is that this model is quite a bit larger than the classic dial t-stats of the 1960s and 1970s. Plus, the large, notched dial is easier to grab and rotate.

The installed T87N1026 t-stat.
The model T87N1026 t-stat.

Next, we have the back of the t-stat unit, removed from its wall holder. The main t-stat unit locks into the wall plate once you mount the plate and attach the wires.

Note the gold pins that mate with the wall plate.  These supply power and HVAC switching lines to this t-stat.

The back of the control unit for the T87N1026 unit. Honeywell dial thermostat pictures.
Rear of the control unit for the T87N1026. Honeywell dial thermostat pictures.

Then, there’s the front of the wall holder, showing the wires. But don’t let the few wires fool you.  It’s still important to wire this unit the right way.  This not only ensures correct function, but avoids damage to the t-stat or your HVAC system.  Please note that the wire colors and lugs used many not be the same on your system.  If you’re not sure how to wire a dial t-stat, please consult a home HVAC tech.

Picture of the wired mounting plate of theT87N1026 thermostat.
Wired mounting plate of theT87N1026 thermostat.

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