APC P11VNT3 SurgeArrest Surge Protector Review

People have owned the APC P11VNT3 SurgeArrest Surge Protector power, have observed them “tripping out” during nearby electrical storms, and have yet to lose any device plugged into them.

Close by lightning strikes, refrigerator/freezer startups and shut downs, or any other source of high voltage spikes just don’t seem to get through to sensitive home theater and computer  electronics, when protected by the P11VNT3 .  Therefore, this SurgeArrest power strip works reliably because it rapidly cuts the electricity, saving thousands of $$$ worth of computer and networking components over the years.  When the surge conditions pass, simply resetting the circuit breaker immediately restores power, so long as the surged that tripped it off was not TOO large.  The strong yet lightweight plastic case, and amply long power cable, speak to quality, thoughtful workmanship, and longevity in this top notch product.

A joule of surge suppressing power strips (pun intended), the APC SurgeArrest line of surge protectors like this one for home theater systems and networked computer installations, is a medium-grade power strip, that not only protects against voltage transients and electrical noise arriving through the mains power line, but also guards your cable / DSL and Ethernet data lines too.

This P11VNT3 surge eliminator prevents most any voltage surge or noise spike generated by one device (DVR, television, DVD player, audio power amplifier, Etc.) from reaching any other component plugged into a different outlet on the same SurgeArrest strip.  An on-board circuit breaker continually monitors the power line for current overload conditions, and cuts power to the whole strip when any are detected.  Plus, if that surge was large enough to potentially damage the protective components within, this power strip remains “open,” and cannot be reset to once again pass power to your delicate electronics.  The LED status lamps on the top of the unit, show at a glance, any problems or failures with either the power strip itself or the home / office electrical system to which it is attached.

APC SurgeArrest Performance Surge Protector Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

Overload indicator light.  Glows when connected electronics are drawing more mains current than this suppressor was constructed to handle.

Wiring fault lamp.  Glows when a faulty ground or reversed hot and neutral wires is detected.

Protection Working indicator lamp.  Glows when surges have damaged the surge protector’s internal workings.  Contact APC for warranty replacement should this lamp ever come on.

Eight foot long flexible power cord.

Power line noise filter.  Reduces line noise from the external power line from reaching connected equipment via the P11VNT3.  Vacuum cleaners and hair dryers for example, will likely not interfere with your television when it’s connected through this noise filter.

Rapid response circuit breaker.  This surge protector device “cuts out” during over-current or power surge conditions.  Large surges however, may heat the unit slightly, and you might have to wait for it to cool for several minutes before the resetting it will hold.

Built-in plastic outlet shutters.  These slide back and forth, to cover unused outlets on this power strip.

Protects telephone line also.  The P11VNT3 features one input RJ-11 telephone line port, and two RJ11 outputs, allowing you to protect up to two telephone devices such as FAX machine or answering machine, which share the same phone line.   Since voltage spikes and lightning can enter exterior telephone wires and circuits as well as power lines, The P11VNT3 provides similar protection for your landline telephone equipment as well.

Protects your cable television coax and Ethernet lines as well.  Two gold-plated female F connectors, located near the phone line ports allow low-loss protection for the RG-6 or RG-59 line from your cable company, stopping any surges that enter through that path from the outside as well.

Ethernet surge protection.  The P11VNT3 also features Ethernet in and out ports, which allows for adding surge spike protection to your gigabit network line.

Eleven outlets with six of them widely spaced.  Enough power ports for a DVR, television, blu ray player, gaming console, AV receiver, and audio amplifiers.  Plus, six of them are not crowded together.  Even large “wall wart” power adapters fit, side-by-side into adjacent plugs on this power strip.

Long, durable power cable.  The cord is approximately eight feet long and heavy duty, yet flexible. Its insulation resists dirt, grease, and oil.

Right-angle plug. The power cord exits the wall plug, parallel to the wall.  It does not jut out at right angles to the wall.  This helps eliminate accidental unplugging due to someone knocking out a protruding plug from the wall in passing. Nor does the cord hang straight down, but points off at an angle to the right; again.  This prevents the power cable from hanging down in front of the outlet below; potentially limiting easy access for other equipment plugs.

Fairly rugged case.  The thick plastic case provides sufficient physical protection for the components inside.

Medium surge diverting capacity.  Can absorb up to 3020 Joules.

Decent purchase price.  The  P11VNT3 is highly affordable at prices ranging from $25 to $50 per copy.  while you won’t find a solid metal case and chassis on this unit, you’ll still get 3020 joules of near-instantaneous spike removal, which, given the low cost of this unit, well justifies these high grade construction omissions.

$300,000 connected equipment warranty.

Problems, Cons, Disadvantages, and Concerns

Less electrical shielding.  Since the case is not metal, there is greater potential for external interference signals to enter the power lines via this surge protector, and cause erratic equipment behavior.  But this is likely only to occur in very high noise environments such as industrial factories.  Not a big issue when used residentially.

Outlet shutters can break off.  Be careful when pulling equipment plugs from the outlets on the P11VNT3 .  If the prongs fit too tightly into the power strip sockets, you may snag the plastic outlet shutter, and break it off of the unit.  Not really clear about how much benefit you get from these shutters, and they, in our opinion, make the power strip appear cheap and clunky.  We prefer the removable plastic outlet plugs that are seen on other surge protectors such as those from Belkin.

Outlet shutters do not completely cover outlet.  The ground prong hole is left open, even when the shutter is closed.

Our Rating

This SurgeArrest series (the P11VNT3 power strip in particular) is currently available new and used on Amazon and eBay. Eleven outlets is ample for most home theater, television stands with DVRs, DVD players, VCRs, AV receivers, and of course, the TV.  The P11VNT3 is useful any place you need lots of highly surge protected outlets.  We’ve use ours for audio systems, mobile disc jockey arrangements, and home theaters.

When you’re unsure what quality of power you’re likely to find at a particular site, take The SurgeArrest along.  It’s very lightweight at just under three pounds, and will show you instantly if the outlet you’ve plugged into is improperly or incompletely wired posing a shock hazard, as well as protect against random in-field surges.

This Performance SurgeArrest strip is a decent insurance policy for your delicate AV and computer electronics.  Our only regret about the P11VNT3, is that its case is not more substantial.  But given all of this, we rate this surge suppressor at 85 out of 100.  Cheap but effective assurance that your equipment is adequately protected against surges.

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