Picture of the Echo Input device unboxed, with included accessories.

Echo Input Reset Instructions for this Alexa Device

Here, we show how to hard factory reset the Echo Input audio device, to set it back to factory default settings.  So why would you ever reset ?  Well, you may wish to sell or give this unit to another person.  Or link it to a new Amazon account.  Or connect it to a new WiFi network.  In all these cases, resetting is the best way to clean out all old account data from this Alexa device.  A reset gets it ready to use on a new account and / or WiFi network.  So to reset the Echo Input, and unpair it from its current Alexa account, run through the routine below.

Do not always factory reset as a first step for fixing strange Echo Input behavior. Before factory resetting, try turning off the device by unplugging its power cable either from the wall outlet, or from the speaker itself.  Then, wait a half minute. Then plug it back in. Rebooting often restores proper working. But if not, read on for the proper hard reset procedure.

Once you reset the Echo Input, you’ll no longer be able to control it from your Amazon account.  To get control back, run through the Setup procedure again.  There, relink the Alexa Echo Input to that account again via the Alexa app.

Echo Input Reset Instructions

1. Attach Wall Power Cable

First, connect the speaker to its 12-volt power adapter cord, as shown next.

Top view of the Echo Input device, with the USB power cord connected.
Top view of the Echo Input device, with the USB power cord connected.

2. Next, Plug the AC Cord into a Working Wall Outlet

See this as shown next.

Picture of the unit plugged in and powering up.
The unit plugged in and powering up.

Then, wait for the unit to finish booting.  It’s done booting when either the light dot on the top goes dark, or it begins flashing orange, red, or purple.

3. Next, Press and Hold the Action Button for 5 to 10 Seconds to Continue with Echo Input Reset

Press the   Action   button until the light turns orange. On this speaker, the  Action button doubles as the   Reset   button, and is pointed at by the green arrow in the next picture.

Picture of the Action button highlighted, on the top of the Echo Input device.
The Action button highlighted, on the top of the Echo Input device.

4. Finally, What Happens After Factory Hard Reset?

Your Echo Input is now restored to its factory default settings.  It also has entered   Setup   mode, as shown next.

Showing the unit in Setup mode with its light blinking orange.
Showing the unit Setup mode with its light blinking orange.

5. Done with Echo Input Hard Factory Reset ! 

Pack it Up or Set it Up Again

You may now give your Alexa Echo Input to another now.  Don’t fear that who ever you give it to will have access to the Alexa settings on your Amazon account though. They won’t.

If selling, we suggest that you pack the unit in its original box. Do this for safest transport through the mail, as shown in the next picture.  Then, pack that box in another outer box for further safety.

Or, you can set it up again on your existing account.

Front view of the Amazon Echo Input package box.
Front view of the Amazon Echo Input package box.

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