Picture of a ten-pack of Energizer Max AAA Alkaline Batteries.

Energizer Max Battery Review, AA, AAA, C, and D Sizes

The Energizer Max battery is a solid alkaline power cell. Many people rely on these to drive their consumer electronics. Gaming machines, Wifi thermostats, note takers, air cleaners, and LED lanterns, all like Energizer Max.  Toys, medical monitors, and memory backup in stereos, also like them.  DVRs, clock radios, and the Bose Wave Music System rely on Energizer Max to keep their memories intact.

They have long-lasting power, as seen over the past two decades that we’ve used Energizer Max batteries.  Only now and then did they leak. Plus, they hold their charge on the shelf for more than a decade.  They look very much like Duracell alkaline batteries. As Duracells do, Energizer Max battery power lasts just as long.  Furthermore, the shelf life is about as long too.  Finally, neither battery seems to leak more than the other.

Picture of a ten-pack of Energizer Max AAA Alkaline Batteries.
Energizer Max AAA Alkaline Batteries

Energizer Max Battery Review — Benefits, Features, and Pros

Almost no Leakage

So  leaving them in devices for months on end does not concern us much.

Easy to Find

Most any store that sells power cells carries the Energizer Max battery line.  So these cells are quite easy to find.  Further, you also find them in discount stores at greatly reduced prices.

Ten Year Shelf Life

With such a long shelf life, it’s okay to stockpile them. So feel free to always have standby battery power nearby.

Far Out Use By Date

They print the best-used-by date on each Energizer Max cell.  When new, this date is six to seven years out from the sale date.

Energizer Max Battery Has No Mercury

These cells have no mercury.  This great for human health.

Reliable Power

These alkaline cells give non stop power in either very hot or quite cold temps.

Powerseal Technology

The built in Powerseal technology helps reduce leakage further, saving electronics from damage.

Energizer Max Battery Offers a No Leak Guarantee 

Recharge Them in a Pinch.  But…

You can recharge these batteries, although not necessarily safely.  The package though, warns against recharging alkaline batteries.  Besides, the resulting charge you get does not last as long as the first charge.  Recharging alkaline batteries also risks explosion or leaking.  So we advise against recharging the Energizer Max battery.  Once they die the first time, they’re indeed dead. So just let them rest in peace. 🙂

If you MUST recharge them, do so outside or in a well aired place. Keep the charging away from anything that might catch fire.

Energizer Max Batteries Come in Standard Sizes

They come in AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt sizes.  You can buy them in HUGE lots too; up to 100-pack in the AAA size that we saw.

Energizer Max Battery Review —  Disadvantages, Problems, Limitations, and Cons


Alkaline cells have grown fairly expensive over time.  We paid close to $11 for a package of sixteen Energizer Max batteries lately. Why?  Because we needed them in a pinch of course.  With so many small devices these days needing battery power, monthly battery bills are now a part of our budget.  So, look for the best deals in these batteries, as you’ll likely need lots of them.

They Last Long but Die Quickly

These cells run a device for a  long time, true. But when they do fade, they go quite fast.  Further, oft time, you have no warning either.  One minute, a flashlight glows at full brightness.  Then, suddenly, it goes dark in seconds.

We miss the old days, when batteries died slower deaths.  But no big deal really. We know now, how these newer batteries work. So we always keep a spare set nearby.

Some Leaking Still Happens

Sorry that we still have to worry that alkaline batteries will often leak if left in a device too long.  Indeed, you’d think that with better battery chemistry these days, a battery would NEVER leak.  But that’s not the case.  At least, not yet.

But these Energizer Max alkaline batteries leak very little, if at all. In our tests, when they leaked, the amount was less than an eighth teaspoon.

This white chemical paste can corrode metals that it contacts. It might also stain plastic.  Often though, you can get this dried paste off by rubbing fine steel wool over it.  Watch out though, not to get steel wool fibers inside your devices.  Steel wool will likely short them out and damage them forever if it gets in.

Our Rating for the Energizer Max Battery

Over all, the many Energizer Max Alkaline Batteries we bought since the early 1990s worked very well.  So we highly vouch for them, and thus, we’d rate them at 93 of 100.

Where To Buy The Energizer Max Battery

Look for them in the black, white, and orange card.  You’ll find them in about any grocery, hardware, or discount store.  So try Lowe’s Home Depot, Walmart, and Martin’s.  Indeed these alkaline batteries do “keep going.”

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