Picture of the Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator, disassembled, showing all Its parts.

Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator Review

This Farberware FCP280 electric percolator  coffee pot well facilitates the continued tradition of fresh-perked coffee into this, the 21st century.

Its durable stainless steel construction is polished to a chrome-like gleam on the outside, with a spin-style finish inside.  What it does, it does very, very well; it brews great tasting java. No bells and whistles on this fully automatic product.  In fact, there are no controlling knobs or switches at all.  You just fill it with water and coffee, plug it in, and let it perk.  You don’t need a stove top, because this unit contains its own heating element.  So there’s no fussing over how high to set the heat.  This coffee percolator epitomizes simplicity, reliability, affordability, and quality; all in one great small appliance.

Picture of the Farberware Automatic Electric Percalator, Model FCP280.
Farberware Automatic Electric Coffee Pot, Model FCP280

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages of the Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator 

Fast Perking

Brews a full pot of hot coffee in less than ten minutes. Brews at one cup per minute rate. You can pour out a cup before perking is complete.

Makes Very Hot Java

The coffee is plenty hot; unlike many of the drip coffee makers we’ve tested, where the brew is barely hotter than lukewarm.  Farberware claims that the brew produced is twenty-five degrees  hotter than  drip same size coffee machines.  Farberware thus, is not afraid to be hot.

Plenty of Fresh-Perked Aroma

Produces a wonderful, fresh coffee aroma during operation that fills the house.

Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator Parts are Available

Farberware replacement parts are easily obtained by calling 1-800-738-0245.

Few Parts and Pieces to Lose

Features a small number of parts, including the power cable, lid, spreader, basket, and well pump tube.  None are very small, and so, are easy to work with.

Etched Fill Markings

Pressed markings on the inside to assist in accurate filling for the desired number of cups of coffee. These won’t wear off.  .

Fully Automatic

When percolating is finished, the FCP280 switches to a keep-warm mode.  In this mode, brewed coffee stays hot as long as the unit has power. No temp settings to fool with. Coffee temp, brewing time, how fast the water pumps into the spreader. All of these this percolator controls. So no worries over the details of brewing thus.

The Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator Sounds Like a Vintage Percolator

Makes the traditional perking sounds.

Needs No Paper Filters

The holes in the basket are small enough to stop most grounds from reaching the brewed coffee.

One Year Limited Warranty

Coffee Flavor Stays True

Imparts no metallic or plastic taste to the brewed coffee.

Owners Manual

Includes a sufficiently detailed users guide.

Several Sizes 

This line of Farberware percolators features 4-, 8-, and 12-cup sizes.

The Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator Brews Consistently Every Time

If you use the same water, brand, and coffee measurements each time, you’ll get the same tasting coffee EVERY time.

Great Size Percolator for One or Two People

We often drink one pot per day, when we’re not trying new teas.

Easy Cleanup

Stainless steel resists excessive staining; particularly when washed after each use.

Fresh-Brewed Coffee Taste Lasts for Hours

Even after several hours since the completion of brewing, coffee still tastes fresh.  This device keeps it hot, definitely, but not so hot as to “cook out” the freshly-brewed taste.

Disadvantages, Problems, Cons, and Limitations of the Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator

Short AC Power Cable

Though removable, the stock power cord is way too short.  It measures at a mere 26 inches from end to end.  So it’s often hard to find a good place on the counter for this percolator.

Further, we find the same type of connector here that computer power supplies use. But DO NOT substitute the stock cord with one of those.  The computer cords are much longer yes.  But they also carry less current safely.  The 6-amp computer cables may not handle the 8-amp current this percolator draws. Indeed, they may get too hot and melt or start a fire.

You can buy longer but heftier power cords though. Use these for times when tangling or tripping risks are low. No long cords near children!

Can Quickly Burn You

The outside metal surfaces become very hot while brewing.  A child can very easily be scalded.  So it’s imperative to keep this unit out of the reach of children while it’s operating.

Non Submersible Base

You can’t just throw this percolator into a full sink of soapy water.  Why?  Because they did not seal in the heating parts in the bottom.  So dunking the pot may well damage the thermostat, heater, and other parts inside.  Ideally, an electric coffee percolator should have a hermetically sealed plastic or metal base. This would keep out all moisture.

The Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator is for Indoor Use Only

Intended for indoor, household only use.  Not commercial grade.  But why?  Again, This pot should have a well-sealed base. Then, it could run safely either indoors or outdoors, either on sunny days or in the rain.

Hard-to-Read Fill Lines

Inside fill line markings are difficult to see without a light source shining directly upon them.

Non Programmable

You cannot directly control when the unit switches from perk to keep-warm mode.

Cannot See Perking Coffee

We prefer percolators with a clear glass knob on the lid. With that, you can see the coffee growing stronger and darker with each perk.

No Delay Start Timer

Without plugging into a  timer, you cannot set when this unit starts brewing.  It brews as soon as you turn on AC power.

Lid Handle Loosens Often

The lid knob-like handle often loosens with frequent lid removals.  Must be tightened often therefore, and this could be hard on its threads.

Aroma can Get Overpowering

A bit of a quibble on this one.  But the aroma of fresh-perked coffee can get old after a few hours.  Too much of a good thing we guess.  But we prefer THAT, over too little aroma.

Picture of the Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator, disassembled, showing all Its parts.
Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator and All Its Parts

Coffee Brewing Tips on the Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator

One cup of coffee equals five fluid ounces.

Clean the inside of the percolator. Wash up the basket, spreader, and well tube prior to each use.  Clean parts give less bitter coffee.

Start with fresh, cold, filtered water, and with rounded tablespoons of coffee per 5-ounce cup you wish to brew.  Adjust amounts according to personal taste.

Note that the initial water temperature affects how strong the resulting coffee will be.  The colder the water is at the start, the longer the perking takes. So, the darker the result will be.  Thus for stronger brewed coffee with the smallest measures of dry coffee, use colder water.  We fill ours the night before, then put it in the fridge overnight.  Then, the next morning, we take it out and plug it in.  This keeps the coffee inside more fresh, and yields a more flavorful java.

This percolator bases its timing on temperature only; no timers that we could find.

Immediately remove the basket containing the spent coffee grounds, from inside once brewing is complete, for best flavor.

Be sure to try your favorite coffee brands. They do not all measure the same.  For instance, we found that Dunkin’ Donuts Decaf Coffee requires just a third of a cup dry. This makes a whole 8-cup pot of great-tasting java.  But you need a half-cup to get the same strength flavor from their regular coffee.  So, don’t be afraid to play around.  Also, don’t decide that it’s the percolator’s fault when you don’t find the right recipe.

Clean all percolator parts after each use. This prevent buildup of coffee oils and stains which can add bitterness to the brew.

Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator Cleaning Tips

See our post:  How to Clean a Stainless Steel Electric Percolator   for instructions on how to keep this Farberware coffee pot shining brightly and brewing delicious coffee, year after year.

Our Rating for the Farberware FCP280 Electric Percolator

We found the Farberware FCP280 electric percolator to be of high quality, and affordable.  We paid $59.99 at Kohl’s for ours.  Easy are the operating instructions. And most importantly, the coffee from it tastes really good.  This kitchen tool has  none of the pitfalls of percolated coffee at all that we could find.  Our rating therefore, is 97 out of 100.  No weaknesses or problems found in it.

Where to Buy the Farberware FCP280 Electric Coffee Maker

You can find many Farberware products like this one at Kohl’s, where we bought ours.  Get them also at

  • Walmart.
  • JCP (JC Penney).
  • Macy’s.
  • Bed Bath and Beyond.
  • Online at Amazon and eBay.

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