Picture of the Honeywell RTH9580WF smart thermostat displaying its -Home- screen, with the -Hold- button showing -Temporary Hold- mode highlighted.

How to Cancel Hold on Honeywell Home Thermostat

Here, we cover How to cancel hold on a common Honeywell Home thermostat.  But why would hold ever be ON in the first place? Well, the hold feature on many programmable thermostats lets you override scheduled temperature settings. Then you can set the temperature manually.  When a thermostat is following its schedule, it is not on hold.  Thus, it changes its set temperature to what its program says at times of day, also dictated by the program.

But with the  Hold  function on, you suspend these scheduled temperature adjustments.  Then, the thermostat stays at the displayed temperature setting. It retains this setting either indefinitely (for permanent hold) or until the next programmed temperature change (temporary hold).

So why would you ever want to put a programmable thermostat on hold?  Well, perhaps your house is too chilly on certain very cold winter night.  So you’d like to stop your pre-scheduled temperature lowering just for that night.  Or, maybe you don’t like the temperatures set by the current program, but don’t know how to change them.  Thus you must wait for your tech savvy daughter’s next visit to get that done.  In cases like these, using   Hold   is a handy solution.

Now as mentioned, there are two types of hold; temporary hold, and permanent hold.  In  Temporary Hold,  the temperature setting override stays in effect only until the next scheduled automatic temperature adjustment.  Permanent Hold  works like  Temporary Hold,  except that it has no scheduled end time.  So, Permanent Hold  suspends programmed temperature changes indefinitely, until you manually turn it off.

How to Cancel Hold on Honeywell Home Thermostat: Step by Step

We show here cancelling the  Hold  function on our Honeywell RTH9580WF smart thermostat.  In this demo, we start off with our thermostat set to Permanent Hold. But this same procedure works when  Temporary Hold  is in effect.  It’s just the name of the Hold button that changes.

1. Go to the Thermostat’s  Home  Screen

Here’s a shot of our t-stat’s  Home  page shown next.

The   Hold  button may say either  Permanent Hold  or  Temporary Hold  is in effect. To indicate temporary hold, this button says when the current  Hold   will stop.  We include both situations in the following two pictures.

Picture of a typical Honeywell Home thermostat displaying its -Home- page. Showing the -Hold, Press for More Options- button.
A typical Honeywell Home thermostat displaying its -Home- page. Showing the -Hold, Press for More Options- button.


Picture of the -Home- screen, with the -Hold- button. Showing -Temporary Hold-.
The -Home- screen, with the -Hold- button. Showing -Temporary Hold-.

2. Tap the Hold Button

Find the  Hold  button near screen center and bottom.  Now as stated above, it may appear as either  Temporary Hold  or  Permanent Hold. Which one shows up depends on what mode your thermostat is currently in. But if you see  Following Schedule  message,  then your thermostat is not in  Hold  mode.  So you need not cancel   Hold.

Tapping the  Hold  button, no matter its flavor, brings up the  Hold Options  screen, as shown following.

Screenshot of the -Hold Options- page. Showing the -Cancel Hold- button.
The -Hold Options- page. Showing the -Cancel Hold- button.

Pressing   Cancel Hold   stops both   Permanent Hold  and   Temporary Hold.

3. Tap the  Cancel Hold  Button

When you touch the  Cancel Hold  option, the thermostat then returns to Following Schedule   mode. Then it again displays its  Home  screen.

Picture of the -Home- page, showing the -Following Schedule- link.
The -Home- page, showing the -Following Schedule- link.

But now, notice that the  Hold  button no longer appears.  Instead, we find a link label that just says,  Following Schedule.

4. Done with How to Cancel Hold on Honeywell Home Thermostat !

You’ve now learned how to turn off hold on Honeywell Home Thermostat.  Well, at least you know how to do it on the touchscreen multi color models anyhow.  🙂

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