Picture of Affresh® Washer Cleaner 7 ounce box, top view.

How to Use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

We describe here how to use Affresh washing machine cleaner, based on the information on the box.  Furthermore, we add in the little tricks and tips we discovered while cleaning our own machine with this product. So we hope that these further improve how well this Affreash cleaner product works for you.

Cautions and Warnings

Not a Laundry Soap

Do not put clothes in the washing machine while cleaning it with this product.  Why not?  Because the perfume scent in Affresh might stay on the clothes, and could get too strong.  Furthermore, the agents in Affresh may harm clothing. So keep your clothes safe, and keep them away while cleaning your washing machine.

Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner Only Sanitizes the Water Handling Parts

Affresh® works well on washing machine parts that come into direct contact with the water circulating system within. These include the tub, water jets, pumps, the drain, some hoses, and door seals.

But if foul smells persist using Affresh for a few months, your machine may be defective.  Indeed there may be leaking pipes in it where water builds up beneath the mechanism, but it never dries.  In fact, standing water makes for a nasty breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. So a long term smelly washing machine may need repairs. But these long lasting odors due to mechanical break downs are beyond the scope of this product to fix.

Picture of a 7-ounce box of Affresh® washing machine cleaner , top view.
Affresh® washing machine cleaner. a 7 ounce box, top view.

How to Use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner

Hints and Tips

    1. Apply once per month.
    2. Then, leave the door open a crack between laundry loads.
    3. For stubborn smells or dirt and growths, use Affresh® cleaner three times.  Use one tablet in each of three consecutive cleaning cycles. This helps remove mold and mildew buildup. Then, after these three rapid fire cleanings, use Affresh washing machine cleaner once per month (maintenance mode).

How to Use Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, Step by Step

    1. Firstly, to clean, drop ONE Affresh® tablet directly into the tub. Do not put in the soap dispenser.
    2. Then close / latch the door and run on REGULAR wash cycle, using HOT water.  Or if your washing machine features a CLEAN cycle, use that instead.
    3. Thus, to avoid frequent odor return, let door stand open between washing machine uses.  This allows complete and fastest drying of the tub, seals, hoses, hinges, pumps, and related parts.
    4. If you wash bleach loads, make them the last loads you do in a particular washing session.  Why?  Because bleach kills many odor-producing bacteria and germs.  And, the little bit that remains in the machine preserves the unit’s odor-free state.  It works along with this Affresh® cleaner.

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