The battery level meter gauge showing a full charge on the JBL Charge 5 Speaker.

JBL Charge 5 Battery Size

Lists details about the JBL Charge 5 Battery Size ratings. These also include battery dimensions, weight, power capacity, and play time per charge.

Picture of the front right view of the JBL Charge 5.
Front right view of the JBL Charge 5.

Furthermore, the MaH or milliamp-hour value gives an idea of lasting time per charge based on amp draw.  Explicitly, the MaH figure tells how many amps the battery will provide for one hour.

Plus, using some math (ratios), you can also gather how long the battery will last for any current draw amount. So if you double the amount of current, you halve the play time.  E.g. If you draw two (2) amps, a one amp-hour battery will last for thirty (30) minutes or 1/2 hour.  Thus, this is why playing the speaker very loud lessens the Charge 5 playing time per charge. Also, if you cut the current by half, then you double the playing time per charge. So you draw just half (1/2) an amp, our hypothetical one amp-hour battery will last for double the time.  Finally, this is why playing the speaker softly lengthens the run time per recharge.

JBL Charge 5 Battery Size: And Other Details

    1. Battery Size in MaH: 7,500.
    2. Size in amp-hours: 7.5.
    3. Battery Capacity in watt-hours (WH): 27.
    4. Battery Dimensions: 2.74 inches long x 1.55 inches wide x 1.42 in high.
    5. Battery Weight: 8 Oz.
    6. Estimate Battery Life Per Charge: 20 hours.
    7. Expected number of discharge-charge cycles: 500 to 1000.
    8. Battery Voltage: 3.6 volts.
    9. Speaker Play Time Per Recharge: Up to 20 hours.
    10. Battery Price: ~$50 US.

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