Front view of the JBL Clip 4 ultra portable speaker.

JBL Clip 4 Extra Bass Mode

Currently we know of no way to switch on JBL Clip 4 Extra Bass mode (EBM). But if this were possible, it would make the speaker vibrate much more. Plus it would add a louder bass quality to the audio. Thus if they ever added this, it could work something like the following…

JBL Clip 4 Extra Bass Mode: Proposal

First of all, by default, the Clip 4 would have this mode ON. This is like many of the other speakers in the JBL line.  This mode would add more treble and lots more lows to the audio output. It’s like switching on the Loudness control on vintage stereo systems.

Picture of the Bluetooth pairing button on the left side of the JBL Clip 4.
The Bluetooth pairing button on the left side of the JBL Clip 4.
Picture of the -Volume Up- button.
The -Volume Up- button.


How to Turn OFF — Proposal

For example, find the Bluetooth and Volume Down buttons on the top of the speaker. So find these circled in the picture above.

Then, you could turn Extra Bass mode OFF by pressing the Volume Down (-) and Bluetooth buttons. Hold them in until the pilot lamp blinks a few times, as we show in the next picture.

Picture of the status light glowing white.
The status lamp glowing white.

Finally, to turn Extra Bass mode back on, again, you would press the Volume Down and Bluetooth buttons.  Then, hold them in until the light again flashes a few times.  You would release the buttons after that.

However, as it turns out, there appears to be no such mode on this speaker. Perhaps the designers figured that it would cost too much in terms of battery life. After all, this speaker does indeed have a rather small battery to enhance its portability.

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